Friday, September 3, 2010

Funky Crochet Poncho, Work and little old ladies!

You guys may remember a few posts ago I showed my Crazy 80 Skirt ... well since taking the photos I didnt wear it once! Today was such a sunny day (rare for Galway!) I wanted to wear something abit funky but that would be cool, so the Crazy 80 Poncho was born.......

Some of you know that for a living I work as an Activity Co-Ordinator in a nursing home, I love my job (most days) and feel very lucky to have worked my way up into my position, I consider all the residents to be like family and I love them all to bits - here are some photos

Here is a Exercise activity I like to do with the residents, this is called "The Parachute" we all sit in a circle and each person takes hold of a handle and slowly working together with move the parachute up and down and once warmed up, we then add the ball! this leads to alot of laughing as we get hit on the heads and in the face! thank God the ball is only made of foam!!

Last week I organized our big summer party for the residents, the wonderful singer Joe Glynn came and sang and we all had a wonderful time dancing and singing along - theres nothing better to lift the spirits then a good old sing song!Below is a picture of Me dancing with a wonderful lady Mrs O'Fla!

Tomorrow I will be attending my stitch group CafeCreate and I cant wait to just get away for a couple of hours with all these talented women - I have hardly crocheted all week - My hand is still very sore and on top of that I had a kidney infection, thank goodness that is easing off! so my fingers are itchin' to get stitchin' ! ;) 
I love reading all your comments and thank you everyone who takes the time to do so, would love to hear how you will be spending your weekend :)


  1. Aw, poor pet, I used to get kidney infections all the time, I know how much they suck. I take it you know about the wonders of cranberry? I take some cranberry extract everyday and it seems to do the trick. I have to go into college to do some work tomorrow, so I can't make it to snB, meh! I'm taking some measurements on a machine though, and once I put the machine on the analysis takes an hour, so I'm up looking on ravelry looking for something nice to work on while I'm there! I'm nearly done with the Short and Sweet bolero from the Happy hooker but as I followed the pattern incorrectly the finishing of it is awkward - I'd rather take something more simple in tomorrow. Anyway pet, have a lovely weekend, and I hope you feel better, x.

  2. You look lovely in your poncho Neen, I really love it, suits you really well :) Love the parachute game, that is so nice, I can tell you really care for your residents. You have a lovely day today my best friend, enjoy the stitch group and enjoy crocheting.
    Take care my best friend, love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I bet the residents look forward to seeing you.It's great how you can make exercise not feel like exercise by making it fun.Sorry to hear about the kidney infection. Is there a nastier infection to get? I used to get loads of them.None for a while thank God. loving the poncho. I was shopping somewhere while on hols and saw ponchos in the shops and thought to myself 'thank god I throw nothing out and can take all my ponchos from a few years back out again'.!!Andrea


Thank you for the comment - I will always try to answer them here, Have a lovely day xxx