Sunday, September 11, 2011

The President of Ireland, The High Kings and The Sunday World

Hello everyone,
What a weekend I have had!! I have many photos to share with you - so lets get started:
On Friday my husband Morgan, brother Ant, sister Shauna and myself all attended the Galway Utd match, this match was a great as not only did we finish on a draw but the Ambassador of Korea was visiting the club too- afterwards we went along to a hotel for some food and drink and who did I spy! Micheal D Higgins who is in the running to be the next President of Ireland!

You have my vote Mick!

During the week, My husband got home from work and went and made me a cup of tea and brought me in a lovely scone - on the plate where two tickets to see my favorite band The High Kings and how excited was I!

Finbarr, Darren, Brian and Martin are The High Kings

I couldn't wait as I have never seen them live before! On Saturday Morgan and I wrapped up against the cold and wind and made our way to Salthill. By the time we got there we were cold, wet and tired as it was gale force winds! Morgan went to the toilet and as I waited for him Martin, Finbarr, Darren and Brain all walked by and my expression was something like this! ;)

I was too shy to say Hi and was kicking myself afterwards as I knew I would always regret not meeting them. anyway I insisted that we get there an hour and a half early to be sure to get a good seat! we were the only ones there until 15minutes before the door opened! so we were sat in the very front row!

To say the show was wonderful, is an understatement! I really enjoyed it so much, The lads really knew how to work the crowd!

For those of you who havent heard of the High Kings, they are a group who sing and play traditional Irish music from years gone by - just my cup of tea!

All the photos where taken by my husband Morgan (Thank ya Mister) who has blogged about our weekend in his own words, so go have a look HERE

 At the concert there as a great mix of people, young and older all enjoyed the "auld" songs, and at one point some lads aged between 19-23 where up dancing and being good sports, at the end of the night they even let one of the lads up to sing with them! The couple I was sat beside told me at the end of the night that they flew all the way from Germany just to see the band live!

When they finished up they told us they would be hanging around to sign CDs and I was thrilled because even though I had messed up a chance to see them and maybe get a photo before the concert, at least I would walk away with a signed CD-
So pushing and elbowing through the crowd we finally got to the table -

Meeting Martin!
So I first met Martin - what a lovely man! he was so interested to find out if I enjoyed the show and even though there was a huge crowd waiting behind me I felt very comfortable to say hi, and I even asked could I get a photo! so he brought me behind the table...

 Myself and Martin Furey 
After we had our photo taken Martin told me I could make my way through the other members- and as they where all busy signing CDs - I just asked them all "Can I grab you and smile?" needless to say that got their attention!

 with Brian Dunphy

the talented Darren Holden 

 Finbarr Clancy
I really cannot stress enough how lovely and friendly the lads are- Thanks Guys for taking time for the photos and for a great show!

With supporting act- Mark Boylan
At the end of the line was the talented supporting act Mark, he sang songs by Bruno Mars and was great - after talking to him I promised I would send people from my blog to his Facebook so please do have a look HERE

I came away so happy and excited and just have to thank my husband Morgan for such a wonderful night - I have been feeling down lately over something personal and he really lifted my spirits - and so I have this to say...

Morgan, may you never Steal, Lie or Cheat - 
But if you have to steal- then steal away my sorrows,
And if you lie- Then lie in my arms each night
and if you must cheat, then please my darling cheat death
I love you

Last week a journalist from The Sunday World came and interviewed me to do with the lovely stitch group i started CafeCreate and today the story was in the paper! we got a great write up and by clicking on the above image you can read it also :)

Tonight my thoughts are with everyone who lost someone in 9/11 May They Rest in Peace, I always think back to where I was on that day - Geography Class 3PM, the teacher came in and told us that a plane had crashed into a tower and at the time I thought it was just an accident - after school I met Morgan and the both of us just sat in shock. I always remember my mum called me and asked me to come home as she felt uneasy and just wanted us all under the same roof.... It was only that night after watching the news that I watched everything unfold.... a sad sad day in our history.


Take care everyone and tonight of all nights hold your loved ones close and say a prayer no matter what your religion - let us just pray for a better tomorrow
God Bless,