Sunday, September 12, 2010

The adventures of Little Melanie, Day 1

This morning I woke up early - made a cup of tea and got myself nice and comfy in front of the television and began to crochet, Inspiration came to me in the form of thoughts about my best friend and all the times she has made me smile and laugh and how I wish we lived closer. So as I sat on my sofa with the sun shining in through the window something magical happened ! ....
Little Melanie Was Born!

Little Melanie loves many things - A good cup of Tea!

Cuddling up with the pets...

Checking out her favorite websites on the internet 

Little Melanie is Catholic, and her religion is very important to her

She also has a very sweet tooth, and loves Chocolate! Infact she ate all mine!

She loves spending time in the garden and has been busy out there all day!

But her absolute favorite thing to do is to Crochet!

We even lay on the sofa and crocheted together, it was nice having company!

We had a lovely chat and and Little Melanie caught me up on all the news!

We have had such a good day today that it has given me the idea to blog everyday this week about the adventures of Little Melanie! Who knows what she will get up to or who she will meet! I love her so much and I am so happy that I have introduced you to her!


  1. Oh Neen, this has made my day, it truly has! What a lovely suprise to come home to, you are the most lovely, wonderful, fantastic best friend! I love Little Melanie, and I am pleased she is keeping you company, you are wonderful and so talented, look at how good you have made me look! Thank you so much my best friend, love ya always xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. She's a cute little one, and crochets too :-)


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