Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Teddy bears Picnic

Made for a Co-worker's Daughter, I wanted something cute and decided to give a teddy hat ago, I am very proud how it turned out and will post the pattern up soon

Sunday, May 23, 2010

All Kinds of Everything...

Candleford Comfort

So I have been wanting to make myself a cardigan for ages! something to wear instead of a heavy coat but that would keep me warm on cool summer nights and so I decided to design one for myself and from here Candleford Comfort was born, I am so happy with the finishing and a HUGE thank you to my wonderful husband for finding me the perfect buttons from our local yarn store PippaBlue

Buttercup Bride

Coming soon to Neencrochet - Bridal Wear, Inspired by everything I had made for my own wedding I decided to open up a bridal range,  If interested in commissioning any of the crochet works, Please Email.


A crochet and beaded hair clip, I made this for myself and love the simplicity of it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Date with 11 Women!

Last year I felt very lonely in my crochet and yarn addiction, I wanted to meet more like minded sick women ;) and so after a few weeks CafĂ© Create was born! Galway’s first Stitch’n’Bitch Group,

Well what a beautiful day it turned out to be for our first group outing! The sun was shining and we were all ready for a great time, We met at the Menlo Hotel as this would be the pick up/ drop off spot for John our bus driver,
People attending were: Me (Neen), Aga, Elizabeth, Jacqueline, Anne, Ann, Siobhan, Julie, Kym, Yvonne, Kathleen and Maureen.
We all pilled on the bus eager to start our day...

Siobhan Sewing her summer hat

Ann and Elizabeth deep in conversation

We arrived in Turlough Park for the Feile Na Tuaithe festive at 12 noon, and I for one was so surprised by the sheer beauty of the surroundings, still waters boarded by woodlands – breathtaking.

Ann, Siobhan and Aga

Kym looking very Happy!

I was disappointed that there was not that many craft demonstration stands but the people there were very friendly and very helpful – Spinners, Corn Threshing, Pottery, Candle Making etc

Spinning with fresh sheep wool

Jacqueline with the drop spindle 

Traditional Rope Knotting

I was very happy to meet Ester Kelly and her wonderful patchwork projects; I also was delighted to pick up these adorable craft buttons from Willow Crafts and at only 2euro a bag a real bargain! When I met up with Anne, Julie and Kym we all laughed to see we had gotten the same buttons!

1.30pm Lunch time, Sitting on the grass we all dug into our food, we were so hungry! And Kym was so thoughtful to bring some homemade coconut bakes which was so yummy that I had two!

Kym's Coconut Bake

The group soon got separated and I was very happily left with Aga to wander around, this is when we found Lambs, a Lama, Calves, Chicks, and a Peacock! We took a walk around the lake, I loved kicking off my shoes and walking bare footed in the grass, where we sat for a short time, 

Art surrounded the grounds and was so interesting

we soon bumped into Elizabeth and Jacqueline (who was comfortably knitting standing beside a bin) it was then we heard she had lost her camera and thought it could have been in the bin, but it wasn’t and the camera wasn’t found L poor J!

Jackie and Liz wishing they had some swimsuits!

We decided to have a look see in the museum, and it was very ... much like any other museum, but what a surprise we got when on the second floor we stumbled upon a group The Connacht Textile Crafters, these are a group of women that meet once every second month to promote handmade crafting

A HUGE Spinning Wheel

Back into the sunshine and there was Siobhan very happy as she had just been kept busy by two men!! ;) No scandal here though one was teaching her the art of traditional rope knotting and the other how to do corn threshing! Or at least that’s what she told us ;) hehe

Siobhan and Me(see I was there!)

I also picked up a pack of buttons, hair clips, and a necklace from Derryaun Crafts,

Somehow I lost my companion Aga and so was on my own to take in the woodland around me and it was then that I found Lothar Mushketat with his pet Owl and HUGE Bald Headed American Eagle! also I walked through a with over hedge into the cutest herb garden where the lilac scented the air - beautiful!

I am very proud of this photo!

Soon it was close to the 5.30 pickup time and slowly we began our walk back to the main gate – where here before we climbed back on our bus we had a group photo taken.... I had such a wonderful day with these wonderful women J

Liz, Ann and Me

The Two Ann's

Yvonne and Siobhan