Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Adventures of Little Melanie, Day 3

This Morning when I awoke to the sound of my alarm at 6.45AM, I realized that yes, the winter is upon us, the morning was dark and the rain hit the window with no signs of stopping - isn't it just horrible getting up when it is still dark and cold outside,!?
I tried waking Little Melanie up, but she was having none of it! she told me in a very stern voice that I was to leave her alone to sleep, she can get into a right temper if her sleep is disturbed!- so alone I went to work.
What a wonderful surprise I had - a lady staying with us in the home had brought in her sewing machine! this machine is one she saved and saved for in the 1950s - and in the afternoon she agreed to give me some lessons - here we are together stitching and listening to all the old favorites like Danny Boy, Little Boy Blue and 40 Shades of Green.

When I got home, I found Little Melanie begging my husband Morgan to take her for a walk - "Please, Please Morgy", she asked.  

So Morgan opened his coat pocket and told her to hop in, having no legs would make walking very hard for Little Melanie

Little Melanie enjoyed their stroll in the sunshine (very different weather from this morning!)

They even stopped and picked blackberries - "Now dont spoil your dinner!" Morgan told Little Melanie while handing her one last big blackberry.

They came home very happy, tired and full! and Little Melanie is planning to come to work with me tomorrow!


  1. Lol, great post Neen, Little Melanie is such a stern little beggar! And I know what shes likes, she does get in a temper if she does not get much sleep, lol :)
    i love the photo of you with the little old dear on the sewing machine :)
    im sure Little Melanie really enjoyed her ride out in Morgs pocket picking blackberries, and she did as she was told didnt she, when Morg said she was not to spoil her appetite for dinner, she didnt, what an obidient little dolly!
    i cant wait to see how her day at work with you has been, I am loving the adventures of Little Melanie, your so cute!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Your husband is always the obliging gentleman :-)


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