Saturday, August 28, 2010

Now, Thats a Wrap!!

Yvonne, a member of my stitch group is celebrating her 50th tonight - so I got her a bottle of Blossom Hill white wine and decided to wrap it up in a ball of red heart yarn, finishing off with ribbon, flowers and a crochet hook! I hope she will love it - as it makes me smile whenever I see it :)

I had such fun doing this, that I have decided that this is how I will wrap all gifts for my crafty friends from now on :)

A very Happy Birthday Yvonne :)


  1. That is such a fab idea Neen, I love it, and yvonee is getting a few pressies in one, a bottle of wine, a crochet hook, and if she unwraps it carefully, a ball of wool :) fab, love it xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Such a good idea hun, very proud of ya!

  3. What a cool, I mean, FREAKIN cool idea!!!!

  4. Very crafty way to handle a present.


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