Sunday, September 19, 2010

Books, Runaways,Birthdays and Invitation's for Cream Tea

So I woke up this morning and came out to the sitting room, looking forward to getting nice and cosy with a hot cup of tea and my new book "Sarah Love" by author Geraldine O'Neill

"As she puts the final stitches in her perfect wedding dress, Sarah Love receives dreadful news which wrecks all her future plans. Heartbroken and humiliated, she leaps at a chance to make a fresh start away from her native Tullamore. Within a week she has crossed the Irish Sea, and is lodging with other young women in a house off Newcastle city centre, just a short walk from Harrison’s – the rundown knitting and sewing shop where she will work for reserved and troubled spinster, Lucy Harrison. Sarah now finds herself amongst people of different classes, religion and race, and when her Irish nationality is attacked she must discover the skills to survive. Putting the past behind her, she channels her energies into rebuilding the old-fashioned, neglected Harrison’s into a thriving business and her wonderful sewing and design skills soon lead her down a new and exciting path in life. A path without love though, as she is too raw to consider romance again. Or so she thinks …"

When I was on my Holiday in Sunderland, I received a phone call from Geraldine O'Neill just asking me a few questions about CafeCreate stitch'n'bitch Galway, she wanted to ask me how I set up the group etc .. as she would be writing about craft groups in her column in the paper with the release of her new book ... so since then I have been dying for it to come out - and 22 pages in, I am not disappointed! all craft lovers will love this as straight away the details of hand sewing and lace is beautiful!

After a while I noticed Little Melanie was no where to be seen! I called out for her ... no answer! I looked around the house ... no sign of her! I was getting very worried when there on my coffee table I found this note:

So here it ends, the adventures of Little Melanie are no more! I will miss her terribly but I also know she needs to create her own adventures...

A few weeks ago while reading one of my favorite blogs Michelle Made This I saw she had posted about a wonderful top she had got herself in Debenhams, as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it

Isn't it just beautiful! Michelle also showed a picture of her wearing it and I think she looks so pretty in it 

so I was completely won over, and wanted to race to the shops just to get one for myself, I don't usually buy anything from Debenhams as it can be a little pricey, but with my birthday coming up I decided what better reason could I have to treat myself!? So here I am:

One thing I have noticed is that on all three pictures here the pattern and placement of the flowers are different! Which I love as then the top is more original! Thanks Michelle for bringing it to my attention, also thanks for letting me post up the pictures from your blog, and next time your in Galway I would love to host an afternoon cream tea for you :)

As far as crochet goes, my hand had been giving me ALOT of trouble the past month but thankfully that has eased up and I don't have too much pain in it, I will hopefully be getting a glove soon for the injury and then I can still crochet on bad days, I have been taking much longer then usual to finish my Christmas Shrug and BFF Jumper but I hope to have both finished by the end of the week.
As always I thank you for taking a few minutes out to come and visit me and I always love reading your comments! Have a wonderful day, I am off now to have a cup of tea, croissants followed by some peppermint creams while watching "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (the original)!


  1. the book sounds wonderful Neen, I think I must put it on my book wish list, as that book sounds right up my street :) Bye bye to Little Melanie, ahhh, i shall miss her :( Your top is gorgeous and you really suit it neen, flowers again, lol, your like me, anything with flowers on, and Im in love :) I hope you enjoyed a really wonderful Sunday my best friend :) xxxxx

  2. That's very cool that an author contacted you for background information for a book she was writing.

  3. Hi Thanks for message, I love that floral top !
    Best wishes
    Sue x


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