Thursday, September 16, 2010

The adventures of Little Melanie, Day 5

So today was the day that Little Melanie came to visit everyone in the nursing home - and boy did she make people smile! 

She started the day by attending the prayer group - and she loved the gospel reading 

with her witty sense of humor and pretty smile, she charmed everyone to pose for a picture with her! 

Little Melanie really enjoyed getting to know all the girls in the Staff Room

even the chef made her a blueberry muffin! 

On our lunch break we got to work, practicing on the sewing machine, turns out Little Melanie is a natural on the machine

In the afternoon she got snug and cosy with the residents to watch the film at the movie club-
"Definitely maybe" 

When we got home Little Melanie was feeling tired and sleepy but still managed to hop onto my Mother in law Elizabeth’s shoulder and fill her in all about our day


  1. lol, I am sure Little Melanie really enjoyed her day in work wiorh you, meeting all the residents and staff, who all looked like they loved her :) And I am sure she loved her blueberry muffin too, and meeting you M.I.L :) She is getting to meet all the family now, and Im sure feels like part of the family too :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. "Definitely, Maybe" has been in our netflix queue, getting closer to the top. How did Little Melanie like it?


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