Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Adventures of Little Melanie, Day 6

What a wonderful day we had with Little Melanie yesterday - Morgan and I decided to visit my Parents and my brother and sister in Renmore - we decided to take Ben the family dog for a walk to the beach which is a five minute walk from the house, the lovely thing about the walk is this: to get to the beach you have to walk through a wooded area, its so close to nature it is just beautiful

what was a short walk for us turned out to be a very, very long walk/hop for Little Melanie

We soon came to the clearing where we stopped to give Little Melanie a chance to catch up with us and also so we could feed the ducks and their babies in the lake beside us

Little Melanie was so tired she sat up in a tree watching Antony and Shauna having fun

When we got to the beach Little Melanie was still tired and opted to sit and watch us going paddling

Here is Shauna holding a crab to show to Little Melanie, needless to say she screamed and jumped into Morgans pocket!

"Come into the sea with us" we begged her, but Little Melanie shook her head and said "No, My dress will get wet and I will get sand in all sorts of places!" So Shauna decided to have a swim to show her just how fun the beach can be!

Here I am helping Shauna out of the sea and also getting ate alive by flies, itchy itchy flies!

We really enjoyed our time at the beach and all left a little colder, wetter and happier! Shauna even got a lift home...

What a lovely Friday we had, how did you spend yours?


  1. Oh neen, i am really going to miss Little Melanie when her adventures are over, I hope she'll still pop up now and again :) I loved her day out with you all :) that walk must of exhausted poor Little Melanie, especially with her having no legs, lol. Im sure she enjoyed resting and watching you all play. It looked like you all had a wonderful time, apart from been bit off midgies!!!!!!!
    Loving your blog neen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Very nice beach outing for all of you. I like the path through the woods, even if a bit far for some.


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