Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Public Talking, Birds and Crochet Classes

Last week I received an Email from Ellen Dudley asking me to go to this function and give a short talk on CafeCreate, I am very nervous about this as it has been over 7 years since I did any public speaking,
Ignite the West is for anyone who wants to laugh, talk and be inspired. Whether you want to start your own business, discover local iconoclasts, have a wild and wonderful sense of curiosity, or simply fancy a stimulating Friday night out; these talks are designed for you. Come along and enjoy the buzz! Admission is a nominal €5 - and the enlightenment is free! Friday 10th September 091LABS Galway - all welcome!

My husband Morgan is the artist for the children's festival Baboro in Galway, this is his 3rd year working for and with them - last year they asked him to create a “mascot” avatar for them and thus Buddy was …. hatched ;) 
They loved the design so much that this year they based the whole programme on Buddy but in lots of different poses to match with the shows that will be on, 
We had to attend a press release last night and I wanted to go wearing something to tie in with my husbands design as I am so proud of him - and so decided to crochet my version of Buddy! and then I attached a pin and wore it as a badge. The ladies running it loved it and I have told them I will also make them one each - 

An original picture from the festival 

Baboro programme 2010

Don't I have a very talented husband? I am very proud of him! we also had our photo taken for the paper at the press release so keep an eye out in the Galway Independent for us ;)

My other news is this - I have been keeping this under my hat until I knew for sure, a few weeks ago I was asked to do some teaching classes in the Ballybane community center, I have been asked to run beginner crochet classes, one evening a week over a 12 week programme - I have a full course planned and will be covering everything like Basic Crochet stitches, Blankets, Neckwarmers, increasing and decreasing, reading and understanding patterns, Hats, twisted shawls, Crochet frills and edges and different flower designs.
I am really looking forward to this as it could be the beginning of something new :)


  1. Oh, I wish I'll be there! Sound really good! And the bird is so cute :)

  2. haha, that little bird is super cute! Well done you guys! I'll be scanning the newspaper very carefully. Will you sign my copy, Ms Celebrity? LOL
    Don't worry about the talk, it'll go well. It's only 5 minutes and not like you have to talk about rocket science! Relax woman ;) You'll go grand.

  3. Well done to both of you, your both doing so well!

  4. Oh my goodness! Buddy is sooooooo cute! Oh my.....I'm totally taken with him with him. Super congrats on the classes pretty lady, you'll do great. And public speaking....hmm. I guess the one thing I would recommend is practice beforehand. Practice to Morgan, to your mom, to anyone you'll listen - even just speaking it out to yourself can help. Just to spot the places where you're not quite sure what you['re going to say next, or where you're humminh and hahing a lot. I've done a few presentations in college recently....look at me doling out advice. :) See you tomorrow.


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