Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty Handmade Fabric Broach

Last night I was itching to get on "Sarah" my sewing machine again! I am still so excited that I, Nina O'Brien have a sewing machine!! Now one thing I love is all things floral! I am obsessed and I know it! I love flower hair clips, bags, badges, clothes! so that is what lead me to make my own floral broach, I started by cutting lots of fabric and arranging them in a modern design - I also added so vintage ribbon that I got from the shop Feanor, and to added a navy button for the finishing touch - I wore this today on my coat and I have to say it looked wonderful and really caught the eye!
Oh and for those of you wondering why I called my sewing machine Sarah, it was named after the current sewing and craft novel I am reading Sarah Love.


  1. This is super cool hun and Sarah is a brilliant name!!

  2. Beautiful Broach! Love the sewing machine name too! :)

  3. love your brooch Neen, you are a natural born sewer! xxxxxx

  4. I must name my sewing machine, too! I can't believe I've had her so very long without naming her. Brilliant! I shall let you know as soon as a fitting name comes to mind. Your brooch is lovely! I started crafting a "house" brooch the other day and now I must stuff it and doll it up with some stitching. It's big, but I don't care. It will go with my red shoes!

  5. Hi Morg, Thank you my wonderful hubby!

    Hi Sarah, Glad you liked the name:) ... I wonder why? ;) hehe

    Hi Mel, thank you for the lovely comment - I am so enjoying the sewing machine :)

    Hi Pom Pom - Cant wait to hear what you called the machine :)


Thank you for the comment - I will always try to answer them here, Have a lovely day xxx