Monday, August 29, 2011

Look what my Husband got me!

Morgan treated me to this wonderfully vintage themed hat last week and I adore it! what do you think?

I wanted to do a blogpost on someone I cant stop watching on youtube, Brittany - I just think this woman is so sweet and talented so guys go and say hi on her lovely Blog HERE, I havve been watching her journey on conceiving and now getting her home ready for when her son Tate is born on youtube and think she is great! she also crochets! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I met Maureen O'Hara!!.....well kinda

Today Elizabeth and Thady, my in laws took Morgan and I on a drive to Ashford Castle in Cong Co.Mayo as we drove into the beautiful city we were so happy to see that we had visited during The Quite Man festival as it was here that the John  Wayne movie was filmed! 

we grabbed a bite to eat in a lovely bar/B&B, in Cong the one thing I noticed is how well kept it is, outside each building baskets full of roses hand - it is so beautiful

Once we finished our lunch we headed to the stunning castle, Ashford Castle is surrounded by such beauty - it was first built in 1228

The Quite Man has always been a film close to my heart and for one reason only Maureen O'Hara! I love this woman, What a surprise for us that when walking through the castle gates we were met by a parade and the woman herself!

Maureen O'Hara!!

She was just as stunning today as ever! it was such a surprise as we didnt know she was going to be there! below is a clip for anyone who hasnt seen it yet-

we also saw Dana too,for those who do not know her she became famous in 1970 for winning the eurovision for Ireland

We walked around the castle taking in the views and enjoying the sunshine

My handsome husband, arent I lucky!

Thady, Elizabeth and Morgan

Enjoy your week everyone! can you believe its almost Monday :(

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crocheting the Grandparents! and more Crocheted Babies!

Hi Everyone, How is your week going so far? Mine has been full of .... yes you guessed it! Crochet! My Granddad was visiting us from Manchester last week, while sitting he was watching me crochet with great interest and asked "So, would ye over throw out an ald cap'pin for me?" to which I said no problem! so here it is!

Once it was finished though I thought, "I cant post this without sending one to Nanna either!" so know they have a His and Her set :)

I was blessed this month in the fact that a lovely woman on Ravelry "Raked" me a pattern that I was longing for, for those of you who dont know what it is to be Raked - it is when somebody does a Random Act of Kindness for you with no interest of anything in return- and in return if you can- Rak someone else in return! Below is my finished Woodland Long Elf Hat

The roses and leafing is a pain to sew on - but well worth it!

Also I took part in a lovely pattern swap and received the Fancy Floral Diaper Cover and Headband notes and made this beauty! I have to say that both patterns where so easy to read and follow and I will use them often!

So what about you guys? what are you up to?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crochet Teapots, Football, Hats and Babies!

Hello Friends, Followers and Family! (FFF)
I have been very creative lately and the sense of pride in finishing alot of my projects has been wonderful, I would love to share with you those projects now...
cupán tae ar feadh dhá

Milk or sugar?

or maybe a herbal tea?

My Husband Morgan, is on the management team for our local football club Galway Utd - this season has been a nightmare for us, as the team has lost each home match, and it is not in lack of skill as some of the players are great! but in my opinion the person in charge last year really wreaked things financially and left the club struggling to survive, Its something that has made me really angry as these people who are in part responsible for the state of the club today retreated into the shadows leaving a group of volunteers like my husband to take all the knocks from fans and papers and also left them to worry about where the next source of money is coming from! They do so much trying to raise money and giving their free time just to help at the matches and collect money on the streets of Galway - but it saddens me to see that the Players are not out helping and that the manager when interviewed complains that he hasn't been given enough money to buy new players, never in any interview has he said that the management team are doing a good job.... I feel that maybe if he got on to the players to take part in the club they would have more heart in the games. I go to the matches and I have seen that the fans are there but that they feel like the match is lost before it begins - so I decided to make this for myself to show my pride in the management committee of 18 talented men who give their time and effort to the day to day running of the football club. "The Galway United Management Committee consists of loyal and committed supporters of the club." If anyone would like to make a small donation here is the link - 
Galway Pride

I also crocheted myself a hat from lovely yarn I got on a holiday in Cork, it is my own pattern - and I hand stitch crystals into each front post row.

I am sorry that I have not blogged for almost two months, I have been quite ill with a infection and it took alot out of me- but I am on the mend and after a biopsy hope to have answers in the next coming weeks.
Where would I be without my loving husband Morg, my family or my best friend Melanie looking after me?! Thanks guys!
While I wasn't feeling well I got ALOT crocheted! but some items are still with a very talented photographer whom I am in collaboration with-  Bartosz Kotulski -who took the next photos of baby Hannah and my hats - wonderful!




Hope your all having a lovely weekend, Let me know in the comments what your doing or crafting :) x