Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surprise Party, Cuddles, Sewing and Wool!

Warning: very long post!
Hi Everyone, so if you read my last post, you will know I had a wonderful birthday on Friday and that my romantic and handsome husband really spoiled me! On Saturday I was heading to CafeCreate for the weekly group meeting and as usual was being picked up by my mum, most Saturdays I get there for 11.30(meeting starts at 12)so that I can have a scone and tea, anyway yesterday mum didn't show up until 12! with her was my aunt/Godmother Mary who insisted she needed a coffee and really wanted to attend this weeks meeting ....
so a little bit later we got to the Menlo Hotel and as I walked into the Holland room where we normally sit ... 
All the group members were sitting around with party hats on and the room was covered in balloons and banners (Thank you Aga for decorating!)
Turns out Morgan had arranged the whole thing!!

 I was so so shocked that all I could say was "Oh Wow!" I even forgot how to hold my crochet hook!

 Even the lovely J came though she had broken her foot!

 Look! the cake has my name on it!! After a few minutes Morgan came in with this cake covered in candles, I was smiling so much I could hardly blow them out!

 Morgan also had arranged for Melanie my best friend to send me a video birthday message from England, he had it on his net book and played it for me at the party - So Melanie was still apart of the day!

 "Who wants cake?"

After 2pm we decided to head into the bar to get lunch - this was so the group could all get to  know each other proper - the lunch was lovely!

A big thank you to the staff at the Menlo - I had such a wonderful day and feel very lucky to know all these talented women. A Huge thanks to Aga who worked with Morgan on this surprise, all I can say is "Oh Wow!"

I was so spoiled by the women in the group: have a look at this:

 A wonderful Book "Crochet edgings and Trims" with my favorite magazine "Crochet Today" and gorgeous Lavender from Jacqueline, the card really makes me laugh - its two older women chatting, one says "He says his Mother made him Homosexual!" and the other says "Do you think, if I give her some wool, she'll make me one?" hehe reminds me of the nursing home where I work.

Two little people (in the red bags) called Mel and Anna - some Chocolates, a pretty card and some beautiful pink flowers From Aga and the group - on the bottom of the note it said there is something from South Korea coming too!!! I am dying to know what it could be!!

Some lovely chocolate from Suzie, I have been enjoying these all day!

A homemade keyring from the talented Kym! isn't it adorable!

"Funky Chunky" a crochet pattern book great for the coming winter, from Yvonne, Marian and Kathleen

When I got home I was so tired from the shock, so I cuddled up on the sofa with my pretty kitty Hope :) 

Last night I was busy making a patchwork pillowcase, I used stunning fabric that I got from Pippa Blue

I found that it worked up so quickly, I cant wait to make a matching blanket :)

While watching telly Morgan found a parcel in our postbox, it was from my sister in law Maria, I got three balls of the softest yarn - a lovely homemade card, and a selection of buttons and badges! Maria always picks me out the nicest yarn!

So I wanted to use my sewing machine as much as I could so I decided to put a much needed hem in my work pants, but I didn't want a standard hem so I choose a very pretty and unusual stitch, and used pink thread

I then got the idea to take out from storage the work uniform that I got online but that was far to big for me, My idea was to make it more fitted so that I could start wearing it this week
it makes me look shapeless and huge

I brought it into the waist and gave the top a better form

So I have been busy! I will be spending the last of my Sunday watching "The Big Bang Theory" and crocheting, Before I sign off Here is a video that Morgan shot of me, unawares the first time I went on Sarah, my sewing machine.
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and have a lovely week :) as always I am looking forward to reading your comments and thanks for dropping by :)


  1. Oh wow, What a really lovely weekend you have had, ohhhh, how I wish I was there to of been part of it!!! I absolutely LOVE all your presents, ar'nt people kind! What a wonderful birthday weekend you have had Neen :)
    Take care my best friend

  2. Great video neen, I love the look of concentration on your face :) xxxx

  3. Wow! That's great! What fun!

  4. Neen Hello, I love your meeting, I would have liked to be there
    and share such a good time, i saw your video ¡you are doing an expert in sewing!. The machine is wonderful that you enjoy.
    Thanks for visiting my virtual house.
    Hugs, blessings

  5. Hi Mel - the party was wonderful I really was shocked!!!
    Hi Sarah - thanks for the comment I always love your blog xx
    Hi Dolores- I LOVE the sewing machine, I cant believe I own one!!

  6. hahaha, you got the names mixed up, it's MEL and ANIE... obviously you're still in shock.

  7. Woot Woot Woot

    I shall do a blog soon I swear.

  8. Belated Happy Birthday Neen! It looks like you had a lovely party!


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