Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HOW TO: Sew Your Own Crochet Hook Case

Here is my first tutorial

Here are some I made earlier!

I made these for woman in our stitch group as a little gift

Friday, July 8, 2011

Publicity,Nail Polish and Sewing!

Hi everyone - a few weeks ago I was contacted by journalist Mark Keenan of the Sunday Times newspaper, who wanted to know more about CafeCreate and about my crochet designs, he spoke to me at length and asked me to email him photos of myself and the group, which I did - when the article came out I saw he didn't use the photos and misquoted me but at least the stitch group got some free publicity 

 As you will see from the close up below after a half hour conversation not much of what I said was published, ha ha! it makes me see that you cant believe everything you read in the papers!!

I would like to share with you a lovely gift I received from a Co- Worker yesterday, Maggie spent a few weeks back in her home Poland and while there she picked me up so very unusual nail polish by Inglot
First what you do is apply your base colour, I used turquoise, and then you apply the Inglot polish, mine is pink- as the pink goes over the turquoise it cracks leaving the below effect on your nails! I love it!

Craft wise I have finished two sewing projects at the moment, I decided to make my husband a little pack that he could carry his pencils around in.

I have also made a crochet hook holder too

Have a lovely weekend everyone, what are your plans ?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Knitting, Crochet, Sewing and Audrey Hepburn!

Hello fellow bloggers/ readers/ family and friends!
At this moment in time I am in a wonderful mood, the sun has been shining all day and I have gotten lots of washing hung and dried on the line- I also have many craft projects to share with you- so lets get started! but first please make sure you are sat comfortably and that you have a cool drink in your hands!
A few weeks ago I blogged telling you that I was busy designing my first knit wear and finally I can reveal it!

Oh You! Finger-less Mittens
 Made with Donegal Tweed wool, these mittens are warm as well as colourful!
 The wrist is knit up with a lace stitch

Finished with pale blue ribbon to compliment the blue speck in the wool.

Knitted Bumbled Baby Hat
 On Saturday at the Stitch Meeting, the lovely Aga sat with me and showed me how to knit a hat! I was so nervous as I had never knitted with FIVE needles before! but with a good teacher I was soon flying at it!
 This hat was just to pratice getting the hang of it, I am delighted to say that soon I will be able to knit my husband as many hats as he would like!
 I decorated with a crochet flower and a vintage bee button!

At the stitch group yesterday, a member Juila asked me if I knew where she could get a holder for her knitting needles- so this morning I decided to make a gift for her:

 Theres not only panels for her needles but also a crochet hook section!
 Its sewn up in a patchwork design, I hope she will like it!!

My god daughters Mum and dad are expecting a new baby, a little girl! and they have already picked a name- Josie. isnt that lovely! so I have been making a little knitted outfit-

Josie's Skirt 
 I am crocheting her a matching waistcoat.

Today I made two alter runners for the chapel in work, I loved sewing these up as I felt very close to God.
 Now let me share with you a project I finished a while ago- The Ava Wrap from my crochet vintage book, I made this as a birthday girt for a very wonderful friend and have not given it... I hope they like it as it was a lot of work!
Stitched from Love

I just finished a a bridesmaids cape, today. Crocheted with a 70% mohair 30% silk yarn

I have been very stressed and upset all week and so the extra crafting really helped to take my mind of things and relax, Isnt it wonderful that working with ones hands can have sooth your worries!
In other news I have been enjoying my new membership at a local gym, and decided to treat myself to the Ipod Nano, in pink of course!
It has all my favorite albums on it now and I have been really into Adele lately!

Ok dear friends, it times to say goodbye as I am going to get settled and watch My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn, oh how I love this film!!