Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feeling Sick, Chocolate and Fairies!

Hi guys, best to read this post from a safe distance ... I'm not well, not sure why really, sore back and joints, headache, dry throat and sore gums and stuffed up nose :( feeling pretty darn sorry for myself in truth! last night we were hit by a storm and boy was it a big one! rain, hail lightening the lot! I was so unsettled all night, Both Morgan and I kept waking up as the weather hit and banged against the windows! I joked in work today that if this bad weather keeps up we will find ourselves in the land of Oz! so just call me Dorthy! he he.
After work today Morgan picked me up because the weather was so bad and we walked to the shop - thank goodness I was wrapped up because it was freezing, although the wind kept trying to steal my hat! 

 Please excuse me in this picture, but like I said I'm feeling poorly

Walking home 
Yesterday New York held a fashion show with a difference... A Chocolate Fashion Show, here are some of my favorite pieces:

 good enough to eat!!

For Christmas 2002 Morgan got me the book Fairie-ality, 

It is a fashion collection book, I love looking through it as it has such beautiful designs

I will be using some of these designs to inspire my next sewing project, Hope you all keep well and warm as the winter sets in, x


  1. Poor princess...I'll make you some nice tomato soup and toast for tea! Love ya...btw you look beautiful in that picture!

  2. Hi Morg :) yummy Tomato soup to look forward too! thank you for taking care of me xxx

  3. Oh Neen, you poor thing, you do sound poorly! Please always wrap up warm when you go out, get as much rest as you can, drink plenty, and eat lots of the tomatoe soup Morg has offered to make you :)
    the weather has been pretty stormy and freezing here too, winter is most definitely here!
    I love your hat Neen, did you make it? It is gorgeous, and btw, you look lovely and super pretty in that photo :)
    Take care my best friend and get well soon
    Love ya xxxxx

  4. Cruddy weather too here... so much wind, and rain. And mud. Blech.
    Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope it doesn't last long. :)

  5. Sorry you're not well :-( Rest up.

    Your next sewing project promises to be a creative wonder :-)

  6. Wow, you look great to feel so bad! I do hope you feel better soon. I'm amazed you can still make it to work. You're a trooper. :-) I'm having trouble with my sinuses now and my throat is so raw. Yesterday I got my flu shot and I hope it doesn't prove to be a bad choice.

    I love your hat and scarf. And those chocolate designs are too amazing. :-)

  7. Lovely Neen I feel so sorry for you since you are not up to par. You sure do know how to cheer yourself up though. Lots of great goodies to contemplate.

  8. Hi Mel - I did make the hat, yes- its the only hat I have made that I wear :)

    Hi Missy- Yep the winter is hitting hard this year :(

    Hi Brad - Thanks hopefully nothing a good cup of tea cant fix!

    Hi Libby - oh I do hope you feel better soon :( you poor thing! wishing you well xxxx

    Hi Clara - yep I had a real Me night last night - good food, good telly - good books!


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