Monday, September 13, 2010

The Adventures of Little Melanie, Day 2

This morning when I woke up I found that Little Melanie had cleaned up the whole house and had gotten me some pretty pink flowers

While I put the kettle on, she warmed herself infront of a blazing turf fire, is there anything better then a real fire glowing while outside its wet and raining!?

Then at midday I introduced her to my parents who had popped in for a quick coffee, it wasnt long before she had charmed my dad and had him laughing and pulling faces!

Today has been a very lazy day for me and my little Melanie, I was off work sick and with the weather being so horrid we have just stayed home, At 4PM we decided to have a power nap, Little Melanie cuddled up with Sora and is still there now fast asleep.

and before I finish up I would love to show you the wonderful art that my Sister in Law Genny, did for me -
She took a photo the last time I was with her and then created this:

I LOVE IT, What do you think?


  1. Little Melanie is so sweet, cleaning up for you and picking you flowers, lol. Little Melanie laughed when she saw your dads funny faces:) And Little Melanie does indeed LOVE a real fire, and cuddling into Sora :)
    I love the artwork Genny did, it is absolutely gorgeous :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love the drawing, it is amazing. Enjoying the adventures too :D

  3. I love the drawing and your blog! :)

  4. That drawing is amazing!
    I see that Melanie has won over the whole family. She must be a one big personality in a small body ;)


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