Friday, September 24, 2010

My Birthday, Sewing Machines, Crochet and Tea!

Today was my birthday, I am now 26 years old - Last night My mother in law, sister in law Genny and Graham called up to our house with presents :) From Morgans parents I received a beautiful bag by Juicy Couture its so pretty and fancy and inside the bag was lots of sweets

I also got from Genny and Graham the wonderful DVD "Dear John" and cannot wait to watch it on Saturday night, along with an alarm clock and pretty floral hair clips.
Soon after my Mum and brother and sister called in, so we really had a full house they brought with them lots of presents and a birthday cake! For anyone who knows me, knows I love my comfort and I am a huge fan of wearing pyjamas or as I call them .. Comfy Clothes! and wow I got spoilt! from my family I got many, many pairs! and was delighted with them!

Now please let me show you what my darling Husband Morgan got me:

Glass ear rings with natural pressed flowers inside - aren't they stunning!

I am a huge fan of Chanel, I find everything about it to be classic and elegant - so Morgan got me the Rose Dentelle shade

Fiskars Scissors 


My Very First Sewing Machine!!
A Singer Confidence 7467

I have wanted one for the past year, and just cant believe Morgan got me one of the best makes out there! this sewing machine is of the highest standard from Singer and has over 80 different stitches! Thank you so much my wonderful Morgan ! I have been so so spoiled!

After all the gifts were opened we went into town and did a little window shopping before I went to Annette's in Galway to get my hair done, I decided on a wash and cut, although lately I have been thinking of trying something new .... but anyway I was very happy with my hair, what do you think?

We had a really big look around all the shops and Morgan was delighted to find series 3 of The Big Bang Theory and a couple of books and I was so happy with buying a new coat with a voucher from my God-mother Mary - Thanks Mary xx

For a treat Morgan took me to a new place called Sweetie Pie, which is a tea room, selling afternoon tea~(English country style!) I have to say the service was wonderful as was the food - we had a selection of sandwiches / mini scones so wonderful tea and ALOT of cake!! 

There was so much cake left over, that We decided to steal some in a napkin and bring it across the road to my favorite shop....

I was thinking that Ger, the owner might fancy abit of chocolate cake ;)

All in All I had such a wonderful day - and It is all because of my wonderful husband Morgan - Morg's Blog(Morgan has wrote on his blog about our day too) and then when we got home he spent the next couple of hours helping to show me how to work the sewing machine :) so guys do I have the best husband ever? 
Yes I do!!
So it wouldnt be a neencrochet blog without something to do with crochet :P I finished one hat towards the EB Charity . I have decided to call this hat Grace,

As always thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Happy Birthday Neen!!! And have a lovely weekend too!

  2. Dear lovely Neen,

    i wish you all the best to your birthday. Many healthy, love and many many wonderful years with lovely people you love. Send you beautiful flowers and hugs over the net to you. ;o)

    So beautiful gifts. The bag is so cute. I would love it too. ;o)

    And your crochet hat is cute too.

    Many smiles and hugs for you,

  3. Hi B and A :) Thank you as always for your lovely comments :)

  4. happy Birthday my best friend!!!!!!!! Wow, what wonderful presents you recieved, and what a fabulous day!!!! I love your hair, looks very pretty, and I love all your presents :) the hat you crocheted is adorable, really pretty.
    I am so pleased you enjoyed your birthday so much xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hello Neen happy birthday. your gifts are precious I also love Chanel. you'll enjoy all the gifts, some time ago I follow your blog, you are welcome anytime to make a visit to the mine is
    God bless you

  6. What a husband you have :-)

    Happy Birthday Neen.

    I like those earrings.

  7. Hi Mel - Glad you liked the hat - I hope the little one who wears it likes it :)
    Hello Dolores - Isnt Chanel lovely!? I had a look at your blog - it is great!
    Hi Brad - Thank you for the wishes :) I love the earrings they are so pretty, I have been spoiled!

  8. Awww... you told me bits of this story earlier today but only now I get the full picture. Wow, sounds like you did have a great birthday!
    Hope you get familiar with ur singer, I really have a lot of silk that needs hemming /wink, wink/

  9. Oh, Neen! Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you! Your day sounded absolutely fabulous. I love all your gifts, especially those Fiskars - so cute! A friend of mine just got that same Singer's machine this summer and adores it. Enjoy!

    Guess what? Today's my birthday. I'll blog about it shortly.

    And, I have been unable to catch up on all my blog reading, but I will catch up on the adventures of Little Melanie and wanted to let you know that I teach elementary school, not crochet so I probably can't help you out that much. lol

    Again, Happy Birthday!

  10. Hopeyouhad a great birthday It was sad I was not able to attend.

  11. Just noticing the wonderful sketching of yourself. Very lovely work and true to you. Beautiful!

  12. Hi Aga - yep send up the silk ... no promises that you would get it back :P
    Hi Milo - Your parcel came today!!! wow oh wow oh wow thank you :)
    Hi Libby - a very happy birthday to you - yes I am loving the machine


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