Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Little Black Dress...

A co- worker of mine came into work today holding a little black dress and looking at me with hopeful eyes, turns out she is due to attend a wedding tomorrow evening and while the dress was lovely and a steal at only 15 euro she really wanted to brighten it up, She had a pink and black flowered headpiece and asked if I could do something with the two to help with the dress...


I hope that she likes it,

Monday, July 26, 2010

My hat workshop

Two weeks ago I held a "How to crochet a hat workshop" alot of the women doing the workshop had never crocheted a hat before and were very nervous at the beginning, as was I, I wanted to make sure I was being clear and that I was explaining everything well enough-

Here is Julie, wearing the hat she made with Yarn she got from Venice 

Here is Siobhan's hat, she had such a smart idea of using the flowers from a headband she got in Penny's (that is Primark for you UK readers out there)

Here is Anne's hat isn't the frill edging lovely!?

Last Saturday the three women brought with them their finished projects, didn't they all do a wonderful job?!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ruffles and Babies!

I made this hat last week, it is a little crazy and reminds me of fish but I love it - I added ruffles in the hope of making it look like coral, what do you guys think?

Seems that lately everyone I know is giving birth to baby girls - sugar and spice and all things nice ;) I decided to turn my hand at a baby dress, so I opened up my favorite magazine Crochet Today the May/June 2010 issue and I found The little Sunshine dress! I loved the pattern very simple and easy to follow and so here it is,  Morgan has named it Grape Soda

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Knitting and Crochet Art

My wonderful and talented husband created the above image of me a few weeks ago, I love how he added my pink Dell laptop and my favorite pink crochet hook, also on the day he did this I was wearing a pink dress with a grey cardigan, So alot of you guys saw the picture that my sister in law did of me too in my last post - so that gave me the idea of sharing my favorite Knitting and crochet themed paintings with you (I saw these on a Ravelry group)- 
Please forgive the fact that I haven't added who painted them, as not all the artists were mentioned 

So which one is your favorite? 

Monday, July 19, 2010

I am in Crochet Heaven!

My sister in law Milo did this wonderful picture for me and of me :) I have been smiling ever since I saw it - it just makes me happy :) I have decided to use it as my "Whats on my hook" image so I can always have it on my blog

The Honeymoon

For our Honeymoon, we went to Barcelona, I loved it there - it reminded me alot of Galway here in Ireland, only bigger! For the most part the people were very friendly and helpful
We left For the airport in the early hours of Monday morning, we had been married on the Saturday and so was feeling worn out - I was lucky to sleep all the way from Galway to Dublin airport (3hours)
We stayed in Hotel Soho, a three star hotel in walking distance from the main shopping street, The hotel had a roof top bar and pool and was wonderful - a funny memory I have is this: I wanted to take a swim in the pool so bad but we were always so busy during the day - so one night after getting back I decided to have swim there and then! but the weather was very windy, When I first jumped in it was wonderful - I remember floating on my back looking up at the stars, it was so quite and it lightly began to drizzle, but then it got so windy and it began making waves in the pool and I kept getting bashed up against the side of the pool!
Flashing my wedding band!
I found this lovely yarn store All you Knit is Love and was delighted to hear they ran a stitch n bitch group - now the yarn in there was overpriced extremely!
Here I am with the owners a husband and wife team and Ken - a man from Canada, and Ravelry who just happened to be over on holiday too, I agreed to go along to the stitch group the next night and was looking forward to it!, But when I was at the group I was so disappointed as they all chatted in Spanish and I felt very pushed out and almost like I was being talked about! honestly they never even said Hello! so I waited a respectable amount of time before getting up to go, it was then that the owner told the women I run a stitch group in Ireland and the women started chatting to me in English asking me what the group was like - I was livid. they could talk English the whole time! so I told them my group was a very friendly and would never leave someone without so much saying hello! and I walked out.
Morgan saw this on the side of a building and thought it looked like me! What do you think?(below)

A door for giants!
at the harbour

Morgan getting friendly with Mr Frog!
Me getting a little too friendly!!

Found this wonderful yarn store by mistake - the only down fall to it was that all the yarn was behind the counter so you had to ask to touch it and the woman in the middle had No English and I had No Spanish so the wonderful girl on the left helped to translate! and I left the shop with a great heavy bag of yarn!
The heavens opened but we were still happy!
The hotel room

In Gaudi's Park

We also got to the Barcelona football grounds

By the time we got home after our honeymoon we were wreaked!