Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Pretty Dress and Wii Fit

What a weekend I have had! I was so happy to see that I had been given extra money in my bank account as part of my tax back - So Morgan and I went to town to treat ourself- something that does not happen often - First off I went dress shopping - It is my sisters confirmation in March and I wanted a pretty dress - and boy did I find one!!

Stunning on trend 50s style dress

  • Removable belt
  • Stunning embroidery fabric
  • Concealed side zip
So what you think? I must say when I tried this on I felt transported back to a small American town in 1952!

After much thought I also got the Wii Fit plus! and I can say honestly I love it, it is great at working you out and so motivating - since yesterday I have done an hour on it, My husband had also had a work out on it too and we both know we will keep it up :)
Weight wise, I have lost 3.5 pounds and aim to lose another 3.5 this week giving me in total half a stone :)

Hope your all having a lovely weekend xx


  1. That is a beautiful dress. Good luck also on your fitness goals. Congrats already on your success. That WII Fit sounds cool. The people I know that have them, enjoy them.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Neen,the dress is absolutely lovely.I really like the bodice tucks.It is so feminine. My daughter-in-law has a Wii Fit, not sure if it is the Plus or not.She and my son use it frequently and really like it. I have struggled most of my adult life with weight issues and am always trying to fit exercise into my schedule. Perhaps I should consider the Wii.

  3. The wii fit is so looked beautiful in your new dress!

  4. The dress is gorgeous and congrats on reaching your goals

  5. I love the dress Nina...fab, I have to go dress shopping too,daughters communion and sons confirmation in May.Might look for fabric and make one mmmm.3.5 lbs already,thats fantastic,great work.Good luck with wii fit

  6. Love the dress Neen, it is gorgeous!!! John and I have been thinking about investing in a Wii Fit too. Well done on the weight loss :) xxx

  7. yea- a wii fit! i really enjoy doing yoga on mine. i think it's great that you can design your own workout program to follow and the games are fun too. you should post a picture of you showing off your fancy dress!

  8. Great work on losing your first half stone. That's a lot to lose so quickly, which is okay to start. You need time to adapt, so don't try to keep going at that pace. One kilo a week is more reasonable for the long term.

    Thanks for your comment. Healing is another thing that goes slowly.

  9. Hİ Neen,I Just discovered your lovely blog.I have new blog from Turkey
    Have nice day....

  10. My neice who is 16 and i are very close and she was just confirmed catholic this past may.her parish is strict and highly stresses purity and abstinence before marriage.Per parish requirements,the boys had to wear white suits and shoes,and my neice and all the other girls had to wear white formal floor length dresses with a veil,gloves,tights and white mary jane shoes.her parish considers the communion and confirmation dresses and extensions of the baptism gown so to symbolize the purity of their baptisms,they all had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their tights with a camisole top.we got her dress and veil and tights at a bridal shop and went to a shoe store for her shoes.we got her camisole at target,then her mom ordered the diaper and plastic pants from a website.the morning of the ceremony i helped her mom dress her,then i put on a nice white,flowered dress and we all went to the church.all of the girls looked gorgeous in their white outfits.


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