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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Feed The Birds


Its been a long time!

Hello to all my friends -
Its been so long since I posted a personal post here on my blog, that I wonder in anyone still even reads this or checks in!
My life has changed so much since I was last here - I am a proud mother of not only one but two beautiful children!

First my daughter Robin, born on 30th July 2013, weighing 8IBS 10OZ, 

and next my son Obi, born on 29th September 2014, weighing 11IBS 07OZ.

I will go into more detail about their births in another post, for now let me be honest and tell you that my life is complete! both my husband and I are in awe of these two little miracles and feel so proud that we are who they call Mama and Dada !

Robin is now three years old, she is in her first year at play school and really loves it! tonight she sang Jingle bells to us in Irish! she is so smart !

Obi is a busy two year old boy, he loves to keep moving and enjoys helping Mama cook and bake in the kitchen! 

Almost two years ago Morgan and I decided to try to upload daily YouTube vlogs of our life- although we can miss a day here and there I am delighted to say we are still vlogging and have captured many happy memories for the kids :)

2016 was a stressful year for us - our landlord gave us notice as he wanted to rent his house for a much higher rent and would want us to leave in a few months, so we started the long journey of looking for our first home to buy! after many open houses we finally found "The One" it took a bidding war and a long drawn out back and forth but we did it!!! and on Easter weekend we moved!

our home

Having a place to call our own is amazing! and also I'm so proud of the hard work we put into it, we have saved every penny we could since getting married, I made the choice to return to work on a part time basis to help secure a mortgage and my husband has worked long hours and also took on freelance work- its a testimony to us that we can say we did it our self with no handouts from anyone!(well we did take a small loan out from my friend, and my parents did give us a cash gift to buy a washing machine etc) but apart from that it was all our own doing :)

Things in life never come easy for Morgan and I, we had to struggle with infertility for over four years before getting pregnant with Robin(with the help of NAPRO, details will follow) and struggle to buy our new home, but having my darling husband by my side makes things easier- we are partners. always 

thank you so much for stopping by :)
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Obi and Nana!