Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nuns and the Knitting & Stitching Show

Hi everyone and a very Happy Halloween to you - what are your plans? Last night Morgan carved our pumpkin- what do you think??

I LOVE it! the thing about Morgan and I is that we love Halloween- but not the blood/ horror style, we much prefer a celebration of Autumn instead- cute pumpkins, hay golden leafing etc ... to be honest we are not that thrilled at horror films either - watching someone die a awful and brutal death is not my idea of a good few hours- but thats just me :P so as you can see our pumpkin is done our way and I love the cuteness of it!
Tonight to celebrate my sisters last year of trick or treating the whole family is going out dressed up! My mum will be going as a Witch, Dad as the Grim Reaper, My brother as a Punk Zombie, Morgan as Spiderman! and Me.......well let me show you!

 Here I am as Sister Crochet from the Poor Clare Convent

 I woke up at 7.30AM this morning and made my outfit on the sewing machine

 Looking stern!!

 At least with all the layers I will be nice and warm

Poor Hope did not like all the black!

On Friday the 29th I went up to Dublin with 8 ladies from the stitch'n'bitch group and my sister- to attend the RDS Knitting and Stitching Show- we left Galway at 545AM and traveled by GoBus- 
we got into Dublin just before 9AM and Thank goodness for J she knew her way around and took us to a cafe for breakfast

It was a cold and wet morning so a nice cup of hot tea was in order!
 what stunning windows! 
after breakfast we got the bus to the RDS

 E and A 

 J and K
 J, Shauna and Me
Once in I found the stall of Pippa Blue and had to get a shot of the wonderful women running it, Thank you ladies for organizing our tickets xx

 Workshops were being run all day

Artists showcased their work on every wall
 Taken from second floor, you get a better idea of how big this event was!
 How cute is Shauna!!

 I found that the yarn was not that cheap so when making my purchases I stuck many to material which was cheaper and prettier then anything I had at home- 
 we met back up with everyone at 1230 to have lunch, it was here that we finally got to meet up with the other three ladies that came later in the day 

K, M and B
we attended the 245 workshop of Ribbon Embroidery 
Shauna really did well and kept up, I was so proud as she was the only child there and did better then anyone!

my finished work
Just finished at 5PM
cold and tired we took up a table in the pub across the road
a few hot whiskey's and teas later we were warm and comfy

Me and my sister x
after an hour we made a dash for the bus back to Galway- it was wet and cold and Dublin city was so busy!
Ready to have a sleep home

On Saturday instead of crocheting at the stitch group like usual I decided to work with the ribbons, here is what I made: 

I really had such a lovely weekend- and hope all of you did too - whatever your plans have a spooky and safe Halloween xxxx

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chanel Skirt, Crochet Ponchos and Me... Naked!!

So starting tomorrow I have to go back to work :( oh I could cry! I have to say I did get use to relaxing at home working on my crochet and sewing projects, "A girl could get use to that" while on my week holiday I made two skirts! both very different styles and both very .... Me! you remember my Sew Neen skirt in my LAST POST, After making it I started watching Coco before Chanel and got so inspired!

 Coco was in my eyes a elegant, smart lady - she loved black and pearls and really had an eye for a classy "look" I have always loved Chanel designs and wish I could afford more then my knock off bag .. oh well maybe someday! so while watching the film for the second time I got to work on this:


I love it so much and I hope to wear it to the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS in Dublin on Friday, I am getting so excited about this show and plan on buying ALOT ;)
Also I finally got round to taking photos of the Christmas poncho I made last year-

What do you guys think?
also I want to share something with you, something that I have kept to myself, something you don't know about me, I hope when I tell you my secret you wont judge me- but I love to have my photo taken .... NAKED, so here I am ... nothing to hide....
as you can tell I am JOKING! he he, I think I am 6 to 9months here! I found some old baby photos last week and thought I would share the next one with you- it is the only photo I have with my Grandfather, Paddy Gill - or as we all called him Pop! he is my Dads father and died very young with cancer- in fact he does not look well in the photo- and he died when I was two - I don't remember him and I wish I could have known him
As you can see he had a funny sense of humour as he put his unlit cigarette in my mouth as the photo was taken- I also joke that this is the one and only time in my life I ever had a cigarette!!, he was husband to my nanny Bridie, father to 7, grandfather to 26 and would have been a great grandfather to 3
Hope you all have a wonderful week- Thank you again for your lovely comments- x