Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crochet Classes, Hats and Hooks

Hi guys, Hope you all had a great week- well on Friday I held the first of  a ten week crochet class in the Ballybane center,before I left I made sure I had starter packs for all the participants which included yarn, a crochet hook and a manual

 It was more difficult then I thought it would be, as the 14 ladies there had not crocheted before and it was difficult to get around to everyone! I felt very much like a failure when some weren't "getting" it, but when I got home I realised I have showed many many people how to crochet before so I will look at this as a challenge, next week I plan on bringing in my laptop which will have slow motion crochet videos to help the ladies while waiting for my one to one attention, next Friday we will be starting a granny square blanket.
In the above photos you will see the hat I am wearing - I crocheted this a few months ago, well I decided to decorate it with my fabric broach from HERE 

So what do you think?

This week I have finished three hats towards my charity project,  I have designed all these patterns and really feel quite pleased with myself, so 5 down only 7 to go :)


I added two rows of ruffles to the end of the hat

I made this floral detail using chains and shell stitches

I made two ear flaps to keep little ears warm

At Saturdays meeting Aga brought in my gift from South Korea from the group, I was blown away when I unwrapped it.. a handmade Crochet Hook Holder!!!

isnt it pretty!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week, I cant believe I am back in work tomorrow :(  anyone wanna go in instead of me?


  1. No! I don't wanna go for you. lol But, I do love that crochet hook organizer!!!! You have a big class for just one person, but I know that it will work out. Once one person gets the stitch, then perhaps they can pair up and help each other while you are getting around to provide more feedback. They'll probably end up doing that anyways as they get more comfortable with each other.

  2. You look lovely Neen :) I love your hat, it really suits you. Well done with the crochet classes, you should be so proud of yourself :) xxxxx

  3. Oh, the hats are looks so soft :) Have a lovely week!

  4. Hello !Sorry, I write with the help of Google Translator. I liked your work. Very cute and soft!

  5. Sounds like you have your hands full with your crochet class. My "class" was mostly women who already knew the stitches, they just needed help with patterns.

    You mean Ireland isn't all green fields, cows, quaint cottages, and crumbling, picturesque, moss-covered castles? ;-)


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