Monday, October 18, 2010

Crochet, Dresses, Parties and Books

Morning everyone, I'm blogging from the comfort of my huge red sofa- It is the first day of my holidays from work and I couldn't be happier even if I am a little unwell today!
On Saturday I went along to the weekly stitch meeting were with a few hats I also donated these towards a members charity cake sale:

Also members Anne and Kym brought in their finished hats from my workshop last week, Anne enjoyed making the pumpkin so much that she has gone on to making a witches hat! and Kym went on to make a strawberry hat! talented women!

 Kyms Hat

Annes Hat

After the stitch group I went into town, I wanted to buy a new dress for a romantic dinner that Morgan was taking me to for our anniversary - I had a quick look here and there when I saw this beauty in Monsoon

Now I have to say I dont think the above pictures do the dress justice and I dont think the shoes that the model is wearing suit the dress when I wore mine I wore them with flat dolly shoes and it looked really well, saying that I dont think I do the dress justice either! 

the necklace I'm wearing was my anniversary gift from Morgan!
it is bridal wear designed by Belleek

after our meal we stopped by the Harbour Hotel for a friends 50th, she opted for the party to be 70s themed and even though my dress was more 60s, I think I fitted in well :) Please excuse the photos as they were taken on my phone in the dark!

At the moment I am reading "Falling for Christmas" by Debbie Macomber, I have read her Blossom Street books- and I think I only liked them because there was the interest of the yarn shop, but so far Falling for Christmas seems good, its an easy cozy read.

Hope your all having a wonderful week xx


  1. The pumpkin egg cozies is so cute :) And the dress is beautiful :) oh and: Happy Anniversary! (again) :)

  2. You look very very beautiful hun! Love YA

  3. I love your egg cosies :) You look gorgeous in that dress, what a beautiful dress it is, wow!!!! And I love your necklace, happy first anniversary for yesterday :) xxxxxxxxxx

  4. loved the dress!! thanks for the book recommendation, i think i will look into it
    blessed be

  5. Hi B- Thanks for the well wishes, glad you like the dress I love it, and the egg cozies, I made the three in 20 minutes!

    Hi Morg xxxx - you always say the right things xxx I love ya too

    Hi Mel- isnt the dress gorgeous and it is so so comfy to wear really! I wore that and didnt need tights/ tummy tuckers or heels! win win win! lol

    Hi Aisha- yes the book is perfect for snuggling up beside a fire :) enjoy xx

  6. Beautiful dress, Neen! And.. OH. MY. GOSH. Belleek makes jewelry too???? I'll have to pick something up when I'm there next July! WOOT! I'm SO EXCITED!

  7. Hi Neen! The dress is very romantic! Your gift is gorgeous! He's a good picker outer!
    I hope you are feeling better!

  8. I like your new necklace. The wife needs something like that :-)

    I read the first Blossom Street book, after a flight attendant told me about the series when she saw me "knitting" (actually crocheting) on a plane. The book was too religious for me, because I'm not. When I was going through my mother's bookcases, I found that she had read a number of Macomber's books.


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