Friday, October 15, 2010

Feeling Sad, Art, Anniversaries and more Crochet!

So I have decided to pull out of teaching the crochet classes at the center - mostly because of a few of the women there who have been making bitchy comments about me- trouble is these women think they are whispering but I have heard every word - it started on the first night but I tried to keep my head up and then again on the second night, I decided to pack it in as life is too short to be in that kind of situation, I have never had to deal with that behavior before and wont tolerate it again, I have taught many before this and never came across women like them, saying that some of the women were real ladies and I'm so sad to disappoint them.

As far as Crochet goes I was busy this week making this pumpkin hat, after my last post do you think I might be a little pumpkin crazed? ;)

So what do you think? I love it and had a plan to wear it around Galway but I think my little sister Shauna would look far cuter in it:) also another person finished the pattern on Ravelry- here it is:

Also Morgans exhibition is going wonderfully well - he has sold lots of his paintings and I'm so proud of him, all week he has been teaching school groups of children and today was interviewed on the radio!

 Morgan(in the red) at the official launch of the festival

 Morgans exhibit is on the old city wall of Galway! a wonderful spot!

On other news Morgan and I will be married a year on Sunday - I was super excited until I found out hes working so I'm super bummed! I had had high hopes for our first anniversary... to be honest it has not been a good week at all and I cant wait to start a fresh next week - mostly because I will be on my holidays and can relax and catch up on house work and crochet yay! Hope you all have a wonderful week - tell me what your going to be doing and seeing would love to know :) and I will finish with a wedding photo to flash back a year ago:

My shoe got stuck in the grass! - Classy huh? ;)


  1. I don't blame you for stopping the class. It doesn't matter if they are paying or not, it's rude of them to show such disrespect for you and your time.

    Congratulations on your first anniversary and Morg's successful exhibit.

    There's that Irish grass again. Where's the cow and the castle? ;-)

  2. What a shame that some catty bullies would keep you from teaching, Neen. It's a shame you can't just invite them to find another activity at that time. The others deserve to benefit from your experience and enthusiasm for crochet, and you deserve a chance to share what you love. Happy anniversary, and I hope this coming week is a happier one!

  3. Happy Anniversary Neen! I wish you many many happy years with your husband, and don't listen what the evil tongues said. The fact is we love you! :)

    Have a wonderfull weekend!

  4. Oh Neen, I am so sorry that you have been upset by those women, I dont know why some women go on like that, it is just awful, your definitely doing the right thing by packing in the classes, I hope your feeling happier now after a good nights sleep :)

    I definitely think your going pumpkin crazed, lol, I love your latest hat, very halloweeny :)

    Wow, this time last year you would of been singing "Im getting married in the morning, ding dong the bells are going to chime......." a year, I can not believe it is a year sice I wrote on your youtube that I hope you had a wonderful wedding day! Dos'nt time fly! It is a shame Morg has to work on your 1st anniversary, but I know they'll be plenty more anniversaries to follow, so you can make it up in all the years to come :)

    Morgs exhibition looks great, well done to Morg :)

    take care my best friend xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh I'm so sorry about those women in your class,maybe you can invite the other women and teach those? Congrats on your anniversary I love the first photo, you look amazing, and the stuck in the grass one is too cute!!! Love your dress in the second photo. Isn't it great that when the week sucks we can always turn to crochet?? Have fun on your holidays!!! hope next week is amazing and congrats to Morgan on his successful exhibit :P

  6. Hi Brad- top of the mornin' to ya, to be sure to be sure ;) yes I felt that I have never been bullied before so I wont start now :)

    Hi WMS- I have already said to the "nice" ladies that I have no problem showing them at our stitchnbitch group, it is sad but hearing catty women bitch and moan instead of showing interest is not worth the time or effort

    Hi Barb- wow! Thank you for that lovely comment, it cheered me up :) love to everyone too xxx

    Hi Mel, my bestfriend- As always thanks for always being there :) yes I am pumpkin crazy! I have just made three pumpkin egg cozies ;)

    Hi Aisha- glad you liked my dress- yep getting stuck in the grass was funny- including the moment that everyone posed for photos and left even though I was stuck! lol thankfully Morg came to my rescue just found your blog too so Il be watching ;)

  7. Honestly, what would grown women have to bitch about when they are gathered to crochet and learn? I don't get that kinda behavior at all. I've just joined a yarn and fiber group with our first meeting being this Wednesday. It will be at my friend's place so hopefully will be nice and relaxing. That nite will also be my 16th wedding anniversary but hubby says it is okay for me to go and crochet the nite away. :) Wishing you a happy anniversary. Congrats to Morgan on selling his paintings. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Hi Neen, I'm sorry you're not feeling good, here in Spain we say, "a deaf ear foolish words" I understand how you must feel, when you give all of you in your classes and you encounter this kind of people are thinking quits. Always keep your head up, if you let me tell you, I would talk to the entire class and expose everything that happens and how you feel about all this, then making a determination with this. I hope everything is fixed,
    I'm writing with the translator I hope all is understood.
    wish you a happy wedding anniversary, and the pumpkin hat I love it!
    This Saturday we go to a motor show with my husband and children and then go to dinner.
    A big hug many blessings for you and your husband.

  9. Hi Tammy - wishing you all the love and happiness in the world for your anniversary - I dont understand either - sometimes you just get women like that :(
    Hi Dolores - What a wonderful idea and have a wonderful day with you hubby and kids xx

  10. Sometimes I am ashamed to be female with the way it seems an awful lot of women behave with whispering, rude comments, snickering, gossip and the like. Heaven forbid it was them on the other end of the behavior. In a sense it's too bad you could not call them out on it but then again I appreciate your not putting up with it when you don't have to and should not have to. Forget it now because they are the ones who are sad, sad, sad.

  11. My wife wore the shawl over a turquoise top and black slacks with turquoise earrings. It worked together :-)

  12. That's wonderful about Morgan's exhibition, I'm so pleased for you guys. On the other hand, it sucks to hear about the attitude of certain people at your class. I hate it when people go around injecting undue negativity into people's lives. You did the right thing by removing yourself from that situation before it really wore down on you. Go you pretty lady, you should be proud of yourself. And it's their loss, nyah!


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