Monday, October 25, 2010

Chanel Skirt, Crochet Ponchos and Me... Naked!!

So starting tomorrow I have to go back to work :( oh I could cry! I have to say I did get use to relaxing at home working on my crochet and sewing projects, "A girl could get use to that" while on my week holiday I made two skirts! both very different styles and both very .... Me! you remember my Sew Neen skirt in my LAST POST, After making it I started watching Coco before Chanel and got so inspired!

 Coco was in my eyes a elegant, smart lady - she loved black and pearls and really had an eye for a classy "look" I have always loved Chanel designs and wish I could afford more then my knock off bag .. oh well maybe someday! so while watching the film for the second time I got to work on this:


I love it so much and I hope to wear it to the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS in Dublin on Friday, I am getting so excited about this show and plan on buying ALOT ;)
Also I finally got round to taking photos of the Christmas poncho I made last year-

What do you guys think?
also I want to share something with you, something that I have kept to myself, something you don't know about me, I hope when I tell you my secret you wont judge me- but I love to have my photo taken .... NAKED, so here I am ... nothing to hide....
as you can tell I am JOKING! he he, I think I am 6 to 9months here! I found some old baby photos last week and thought I would share the next one with you- it is the only photo I have with my Grandfather, Paddy Gill - or as we all called him Pop! he is my Dads father and died very young with cancer- in fact he does not look well in the photo- and he died when I was two - I don't remember him and I wish I could have known him
As you can see he had a funny sense of humour as he put his unlit cigarette in my mouth as the photo was taken- I also joke that this is the one and only time in my life I ever had a cigarette!!, he was husband to my nanny Bridie, father to 7, grandfather to 26 and would have been a great grandfather to 3
Hope you all have a wonderful week- Thank you again for your lovely comments- x


  1. Love! Chanel! and again Love the shoes too! Great post!

  2. thanks sarah- can you tell I like shoes :P hehe

  3. Love youe poncho. I have a picture of me naked too

  4. thanks very much :P ahh you have the same secret as me then ;)

  5. I love the poncho, I am in the process of crocheting a poncho at the moment, I love the length of yours.x

  6. Wow Neen! Your skirt and your poncho are fabulous! You're soooo creative! :) Have a lovely week!

  7. Your skirt is beautiful. Coco Chanel was in a class all her own. I love your poncho too!

  8. What a lovely and funny post Neen :) I love this new skirt you have made, it is so gorgeous and so you :) you really suit it, and it is perfectly made, I think you have discovered a new talent :) I love the poncho too, that will keep you warm in this weather :)
    I love the pics of you when you were baby, your grandad looks like a lovely man.
    Take care my best freind xxxxxx

  9. I know nothing about Chanel, but like your black outfit.

    I like the stripes in the filet poncho. They break it up and add some variation. If it was green, of course, you would have added some clover leaves ;-)

  10. That's probably enough of the Irish stereotype stuff, huh?

  11. Hi Jacey- cant wait to see your poncho- please let me know when its done- I love how long the poncho is too

    Hi Barb- as always thank you so much for the kind words xx

    Hi Catherine- Im a huge fan of coco chanel- she changed so much for women! we have alot to be thankful for

    Hi Mel- yep I have heard so many stories about Pop that I know I would have liked him

    Hi Brad- thanks very much, yes the different colour helped with this, and as for the sterotypes yep I think so :P

  12. Christmas Poncho!!! : ) You look beautiful! I'll buy you a real Chanel bag the minute I can!


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