Friday, October 22, 2010

Sew ... Neen!

Hi guys, how is your week going? I have been enjoying a week off work and cant believe that on my holidays I was unwell with women problems :(
so if you remember I showed you this in my last post:

I asked if anyone could guess what I was making, and thanks for the comments but No, it is not a blanket/ Irish dancing costume or a hot water bottle cover!- I have been busy sewing all week and although I didn't have a pattern, I had a picture inside my head and here it is folks-

"Sew Neen Skirt"

It is a three layer skirt with tull paneling, my own design and its sew me! ;) I love this skirt so much, it is so comfy to wear and looks amazing with most plain tops- I am super proud of it and cant wait to wear it out - Morgan and I will be going to the G hotel for dinner on Sunday so I think I will wear the skirt with a nice simple white blouse then- so what do you think?


  1. You did a fantastic job on this hun, it looks great!!!

  2. Just starting sewing and you're already making your own designs to match your style :-) ... and of course, it has a nice embellishment on the side.

    Enjoy your dinner out in it.

  3. I love this its too cute!!! Im also picking up sewing quilting actually, but to really learn it my mom is teaching me to make a dress. Ill put up pics soon thanks for sharing
    blessed be

  4. OMG!!!! Neen, this is absolutely amazing! I love it, John loves it too, wow, that is all I can say, wow, it is fabulous, I love it so much, love the shoes too! Was it easy to make, wo, oh wow, you are so amazingly and wonderfully talented!!!!!
    Love ya xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Morg- Thank you so so much for all the help and support xx love ya

    Hi Brad- Thank you for the comment - yes the skirt really does match my taste Im so happy with it

    Hi Aisha- cant wait to see the dress you make please make sure to let me know when the pictures are up

    Hi Mel, Thank you! delighted you like it! it was quite easy to make, I will defo be making more!!

  6. Skirt looks awesome pretty lady - I too have a fondness for pink gingham. Hope you feel well enough to enjoy your bank holiday to its full potential. Big kisses! off to Dublin with my house mates for a gig now, hence not being at SnB.

  7. Sewing must be in the air! Neen, it's beautiful! Great job! The shoes are fantastic too, perfect combination!

  8. hi Michelle, hope you enjoy Dublin, missed ya today- xxxxx

    Hi Sarah- yes the shoes are a winner I got them last year for my hen night - I think everyone should own a pair of pink heels hehe

    Hi WMS, Thanks for your lovely comments like always xx

  9. This distracts from your lovely skirt, but... regarding decorations. A huge spider in bathroom was my thought exactly. I have plans for another in the front entry. They are only cut outs, but when up near the ceiling, they should be scary shapes.


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