Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn, Art and LOTS of pumpkins

 Autumn is here, isn't it just wonderful! I have to say I never have been a fan of spring or summer - but Autumn and Winter, now that's a different story all together! If you like the pictures above and below follow the link to the artist HERE

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, what have you done and seen? On Saturday I went to the stitch group where I was teaching "How to Crochet a Pumpkin Hat" and my friend Aga was teaching "How to Lace Knit" so it was a busy group, I was delighted that we started early it was great to have some happy testers to check my pattern and I was thrilled that there were no flaws! by the end of the group we had really made alot of progress, and I even finished the hat I was working on!

Haven't the women done an amazing job on these hats!
After the group I met my lovely husband and we had a bite to eat and then we bumped into Anne and her grandson Jack I was delighted as the hat I had just made fit him like a glove - so he got a little gift from us:

 so cute, what I would give for a little Baby of my own!!

and then we went to town - Morgan had some things to pick up for his work during the week - while walking through the shopping center we took a turn down Medieval Street, as Morgan wanted to show me where his exhibition would be hanging - and what a surprise we got to see this:

Morgans exhibition "Reminders of then..." starts on Monday and hanging on the wall was a huge poster made up of material all the details with one of his illustrations on it too! I was so so proud of my talented husband! If your in Galway this week make sure to pop into the exhibition and say hello!


  1. Once I spotted Jack in his pumpkin hat I had trouble focusing on the rest of the post he's so darn cute! You must have had just a wonderful day and so full of fun, family and meeting new people. Wonderful!

  2. The pumpkin hat fits him perfectly. Cute hat :-)

  3. I too am a fan of autumn and winter! The pumpkin hat is so adorable on the baby too. And, if I were anywhere near Ireland, I would love to see your hubby's exhibit. I wish him all the best on his exhibition. :-)

  4. I'm always impressed at how quickly a crochet project seems to come together. Well done on the class!
    I like the look of that poster, so will try to pop in if I'm in town this week and see that exhibition.

  5. Oh wow, congrats Morgan! That's a fantastic place to exhibit your work! Will have to plan a trip to the city centre to see it myself. Woohoo!

    And Neen, yes, the baby is super cute, one day you'll have one of your own, just don't rush it ;)

  6. What a lovely weekend Neen :) All the ladies pumpkin hats are a delight, and Jack looks so cute in his! Well done and congratulations to Morg, wow, I bet you were both so proud when you saw those posters :)
    take care my best friend xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hi Clara- isnt Jack such a puddin'!!
    Hi Brad - I was deligthed at the fit!
    Hi Libby - thanks for the wishes I will past them on xxx
    Hi Aga- Yep Morg said you popped by, what ya think?
    Hi Melanie- we were so so proud to see his name and his work on such a large sign!

  8. Hi Ester - well if your in Galway your more then welcome to pop in :) tell Morgan I sent ya ;)

  9. I love Autumn but just isn't the same around here. Kuwait looks the same all the time. Those pumpkin hats are just adorable! Congrats to your husband on his exhibition. Best wishes for the rest of your week. :) Tammy


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