Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My crazy skirt and Crochet books

I started making a shrug a while ago and it suddenly hit me, I will never wear it! so I sat and looked at it and thought about it while having a cup of tea (no offense guys, but Irish tea is better then any tea in the world!if you would like a couple of teabags to prove it, let me know in the comments or email me your address!) anyway after my tea and slice of farmhouse cake was finished I decided to turn the shrug into a skirt!! so that I could wear it over leggings/ jeans or other skirts, I am really interested to read what you think, it is my own pattern and I am delighted how it turned out :) I called it Crazy 80 skirt, because it was my 80th project finished on Ravelry.

I was sat having a wonderful morning yesterday watching telly and looking through all my crochet books, I dont have that many as I am quite fussy when it comes to pattern books but I thought I would share with you some of my favorite

The happy hooker - I have learnt so much from this book, it was here that I followed my first pattern "Cold Shoulders" and I have made 12 since then!

Basic crochet stitches - This book covers every crochet stitch you can imagine!        

Vintage Crochet - I first got this book because I fell in love with the "Minnie cardigan"  and the pattern was in there, but since looking through the book I have found the most gorgeous vintage patterns ever!

Mary Jane Hall
I am bringing to your attention a wonderful crochet designer, Mary Jane - I recently was introduced to her two crochet books and have read all the reviews on them and even saw some sneak peeks of the patterns and have fallen in love with them! Not only has she designed wonderful, wearable projects but Mary herself is a credit to the world of crochet, I look forward to getting both her books as soon as I can and I cannot wait to start crocheting that little black dress! (cover of Crochet That Fits)

So, what kind of books do you like?


  1. Dear Neen,

    your skirt is amazing, wonderful, crazy cool and very cute. Great idea. =)

    Tea? After Coffee and Coke, tea is my favourite. But in Germany, we don´t have so many good sorts of tea... That makes me sad. Your tea is really good? It would honour me, when i grab a cup of tea with (or better from) you. ;o)

    Cold shoulders... I will try it. But at this time, i crochet a "Crochet Ribbon Innovation Coat". You can see it on my blog, when it is ready. ;o)

    Send you many smiles and hugs,

  2. Awh! Thank you so much Neen for the great thinks you said here! I really appreciate your promoting my books :) You're a doll!

    Mary Jane Hall

  3. The skirt is too cute! I have the Happy Hooker book as well. I've made a couple of fat bottom bags from there and hope to make others, but my list is sooo long of things I want to make. hehe

    I absolutely LOVE TEA!!! I have so many different kinds of tea bags that I have told myself that I must not purchase anymore tea until I drink it down. I hope I'm not a hoarder in the making. lol Anyways, if you want I would gladly swap a few assorted bags of tea with you.

  4. Beautiful skirt, Neen! Well done! I have the Debbie Stoller book, but I keep picking up and then putting down a couple of the other ones you mentioned. I might cave in and buy that Basic Stitches Erika Knight book, now that you mention it. I know I've thumbed it a few times when I've seen it. As for the tea, I like tea, but am a bigger coffee fan myself. Maybe when I'm in Ireland for holiday next summer, a proper Irish Tea will change my mind!

  5. Your Crazy 80 skirt is a great idea to adapt a pattern for your wardrobe. That's why I'm not a designer and you are :-) ... and why I haven't used a stitch pattern book.

    I have the Stoller's Happy Hooker book, but have yet to make anything out of it, just use it as a reference book. My problem is stuff for me, i.e., men. There are lots of things I could make for my wife and our daughter, but not much for me. On Ravelry, I have listed a bunch of different projects that were mostly for a couple rounds of swaps. Interesting variety I suppose and I seem to keep finding something to do, but aside for a hat or two and scarf, the things have been for other people.

  6. I love your skirt neen, you really suit it. I really want the crochet that fits book, it looks fab! :) xxxxx

  7. Love this skirt Neen! Great job!

  8. Hello Neen,

    Where does the pattern for this shrug come from? I really want to try and make it for myself (and see if I can turn it into a skirt) or do you have the pattern for the skirt? it is very beautiful and would fit perfektly into my wardrope :)


Thank you for the comment - I will always try to answer them here, Have a lovely day xxx