Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ok, I admit it - I feel sick!

Last night after getting home from a day in town, I was not feeling to well - but when asked if I was ok by my husband my answer was "yes, Im going to clean up in a moment", this is always something I do when I feel a little  under the weather I have to clean! I cannot relax unless everything is neat and the floor hovered and shelves dusted and then I can lie down and feel better, but last night I could not even get up - I fell fast asleep and after an hour when Morgan woke me I had a fat lip! a coldsore had broke out and my gums were so sore - I had no energy and felt like I couldnt lift my head, so I lay there in the dark watching the film "Gone in 60 seconds" on the telly, now I am not sure why but I really enjoyed that film!
Later on Morgan went to bed as he was feeling unwell too and he conked out, his jaw and face was aching so you could say the two of us really were in the wars!! I went on the internet looking up blogs and checking out peoples projects on Ravelry while watching Love Actually, I crawled into bed just before 3AM.
Today I was up and dressed early as we were going to my parents for dinner - I am still unwell and cant swallow proper but thankfully I have alot more energy. Crochet wise, I am working on Mens Christmas Socks for my hubby - 
How has your weekend been? would love to hear what you have been up to - anything to make me feel better :)


  1. Oh Neen, sounds like your both getting the virus John and I are recovering from! i really hope you both start to feel better soon and are ship shape for thursday :) xxxxx

  2. Hi Neen,
    I work at a dog day care and today a huge brown Newfoundland came in and his name is Snuffleupagus. I thought it was hilarious. Feel better!

  3. Ah, you're one of those people who doesn't admit feeling unwell! I had a really sore throat last weekend, and a girl in my lab had it a day or two before me. Like you say, I couldn't swallow or anything really, so it's going around. I recommend Strepsils. Hope you feel better soon love.

  4. Oh, I sure hope the both of you feel better soon!

    My weekend was spent at a family reunion. I have just finished editing my pictures and will post as soon as I can. Then you can watch my family in action! lol

    Thanks for the inquiry on color changing for charted letters. Perhaps I will do a tutorial. Will let you know. :-)


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