Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Holiday, Day... so far

Hi everyone, so after months of waiting the day finally came to travel to Dublin to reach the airport where we would catch the plane to Newcastle! Dublin is about a three hour drive from Galway and we were traveling with "Go Bus" which was a wonderful experience. We reached the airport in record timing and checked in even quicker - Once in the air, Morgan took some pictures for me, the reason behind this will be revealed in a future crochet project ;)


Once in Newcastle we hopped right onto the metro and took the 45 minute trip to Sunderland - everything went off without a hitch and to be honest I slept for the whole journey!
At the metro station who was there to meet us? yes that's right Melanie and John! so as me and Melanie just hugged and hugged the husbands were forced to introduce them self ;) but thankfully they were not strangers as they had sent a few emails back and forth,

From the moment we stepped into Melanie and John's beautiful and cosy home we were made to feel at ease! we met the pets Foxy, Scrappy, Jack and Whiskey and all these animals were so friendly and so loved!
After a cuppa it was gift time look at the wonderful things I was given!!

Can you believe that Melanie hand crocheted all of these!! I also got vintage hand cream, wool, a book, beautiful key rings with photos of me and Morgan in and also some lovely Betty Boop pyjamas, Melanie and I both got eachother matching nightwear, here we are wearing my set

On the second night we went to see Mel's dad play a gig with his new band The Bizz, and to be honest he was the star of the show on lead guitar - beyond amazing!!

We also were able to meet another Ravelry friend Rosella and her husband Brian, such a lovely couple!

On Saturday Mel and John took us into the town were we stocked up on sweets before heading to the Museum, it was very interesting and even had a place were you could dress up!

It was on this day that the messing began between us all, playing jokes, trying to scare eachother and basically  slagging eachother off - a true sign of how comfy we were! We then took the bus to the beach were we watched the sea while the husbands took photos of it ;)

Cant you just imagine us sat here like this in 70 years! 

On Sunday we went to watch a re-enactment battle at Hylton Castle also there were lots of tents with people dressed up and showing all the old trades such as Spinning and stick weaving 

There are so many pictures of me and Melanie, She is really my best friend and after being over here and meeting her, I know I will be really upset to leave, I also get on so well with her husband John, in fact you could say he is like the brother I never ... wanted ;) only joking, he has been super, and has looked after us so well with cooking us lovely meals and doing a wonderful BBQ and the fact that Morgan and John are good friends now too, adds to the bonus, they both got each other fantastic photography books and both really enjoy looking through them!

Each night Mel and I have been sitting on the sofa with goodies crocheting and chatting while watching DVD's with the boys, I cannot write enough with how welcoming they have been and how at ease we feel - Melanie and John have opened their home to us and shared their life, pets and food with us! I will miss them so so much - but we have a few more days left and I look forward to seeing what trouble we get up to then ;)
So guys, fill me in on what you have been up to this week??


  1. What a lovely post Neen, and yes, I can imagine us sat there in 70 years time, lol. I am so so pleased and happy that you both feel so comfy here and that we get on so well, I am going to miss you both so so so much. xxxxx

  2. Oh I'm so happy that you had such a grande time with your bff. I'm amazed at all that transpired in just one day!!! Enjoy all your goodies. :-D

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