Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Airline Rant!, Crochet hat, Swinging fifties and my Brother!!

Hello guys and gals ;),
 I hope your week is going well - My week so far has been very busy - we go on our holiday on Thursday! So work has been all go with trying to train in my replacement (that is a rant in its self!) and get all our stuff ready for packing, I finish work tomorrow so I didn't give myself much time to get ready, Thankfully Morgan looks after the passports / tickets / bookings etc ... so now all I have to do is worry about making sure everything fits in the case, we are flying with Ryan Air and I have to say NEVER AGAIN, I am so mad at the fact that their baggage prices cost more then our tickets alone! so we opted for the one case between us and the fact that we are not allowed to go over the weight of 15KG adds insult to injury! Morgan got a second Email from the airline today telling him to make sure our carry on baggage is not over 10KG or we will have to pay a fine! Ryan Air gets alot of bad reviews and with our experience so far, I can see why! but apart from that I am excited to go and see Melanie and John, I will take lots of photos and videos and share my visit with you when we get back :)
So here is a hat I finished for the group Free Pattern Testers on Ravelry, it is called Twisted Beanie

I have to say I am not a fan of this pattern, maybe it is because I am use to creating my own or maybe because of the way it was wrote, anyway I am glad it is finished - it is a quick project to make only took an hour!

Something I have really wanted to do lately is take Swing Dance lessons - I love the music and moves! I received a lovely letter a few days ago asking me if I would do a swap - Some crochet of mine, in return for this wonderful headpiece, what do you think?

I love it and it really inspired me to look into going to the lessons and gatherings, but I thought "I need a dress to wear!!" so for my birthday next month this will be on my wish list!

Isn't this dress wonderful!! I really want it, and cannot wait to wear it and dance in it!, but what do you guys think??
I also wanted to tell you about my brother Antony - Antony is 15 and already has such talent when it comes to filming and editing! he has a YouTube channel but he also has started a Blog - he writes up film reviews and posts funny pictures and jokes, if you have time could you check him out and maybe say hello? Thanks everyone in advance :) 13ANGRYANTS
Also I am feeling much better now thank God, I am just very tired after the busy week - just think soon I wont have to go to work for 7 whole days!! Yayness!!


  1. Hi Neen,
    Great pictures...I can hardly believe that beanie only took an hour! You sound very busy and when flying, what I say is just arrive at your destination safely (and have a wonderful time when you get there). Your younger brother sounds very talented, like my son, and he's only 15, OMG!
    Au Revoir,

  2. Hiya Neen, I can not believe you'll be here tomorrow! I am so so excited!!!! i love the hat, it is very nice, as is your headpiece, and that dress, oh wow, it is gorgeous! I am in love with it, and I am sure you'll look gorgeous in it!
    See you tomorrow best friend!!!!! xxxxxxx

  3. I've heard bad things about Ryan Air in the news over here. Are you planning on taking swing lessons with Morg? How does he like dancing? We need to take lessons (again). My dancing skills are lacking. That dress looks nice, swingy skirt :-) but you don't need it for the lessons.

    I'm glad to hear you are feeling better in time for your trip. Have a great time, all of you.


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