Monday, August 23, 2010

Sister in Law gets Crocheted!!

A few weeks ago it was my sister in laws 23rd Birthday - I wanted to make her something funky but yet elegant at the same time - I decided to go with my Twisted Shawl pattern and was very happy with the outcome, The shawl really suits Genny and she was kind enough to let us hold a photo shoot yesterday

Designer and Model ;)

It didn't take long for Genny to become comfy with the camera

Doesn't the shawl suit her! I really enjoyed doing a mini fashion shoot and have decided that with the help of both my sister in laws to do one with every crochet item that I have made 


  1. Great photos neen, love the shawl, and genny really does suit it. I can not wait to see the future fashion shows :) xxxx

  2. I can do one with my awesome scarf for you!

  3. Great shawl! I love shawls! I am working on a Doris Chan shawl right now. Great fashion shoot!!!


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