Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hand injury, Best Dressed Lady, Hats,and Crochet

Hi guys,
The past two weeks have not been the best for me at all, I have really hurt my right hand, I think know it has come from crocheting too much and also from being on my laptop, what happens is that my hand swells and moving my fingers becomes very painful, I have asked the nurses I work with is there anything that can be done and the reply back has been to just put a brace on it! I have also been physically worn out at work - it has been a busy couple of weeks and I just feel that I really need a break(my last time off was back in Jan) I cant explain really how I feel, I guess tired sums it up. The good news however is that we will soon be in Sunderland spending time with Melanie and John and I cannot wait!!
On Saturday I went along to the stitch group and got another surprize as three more women brought in their finished hats from the hat workshop, I think all the women did a great job! what do you think?

Also I finished a hat I had been crocheting in merino yarn, you cant see in the photo, the the hat is pink, I am thinking of adding either green hearts/ stars or flowers to it ... what do you think would look best?

During the week in work we celebrated Ladies Day with the residents (in Galway each year we have a famous horse race week, every Thursday of the week is known as Ladies Day, all the women get dressed up and enter competitions for Best Dressed and Best Hat) so three years ago I came up with the idea of holding the competition in the nursing home - I worked hard this week organizing the party and clothing and buying the head pieces, and on the day I changed out of my work clothing and into my dress and hair piece - the residents got a great kick out of this!

Click here if you would like to see more photos of this party LINK

When I got home that evening Morgan had got me these:

He told me he got them for me because I was the best dressed lady, how lucky am I!? The jug I have the roses in was a gift from my mum, it is hand painted and gorgeous!

My Aunt and Godmother Mary asked me if I could make her the Summer Rose baby set for a christening that she would be attending, I made it a little larger then the last one to give room for growth 

I started this on Friday night and it was finished my Saturday 10AM! I was delighted and proud but my hand really paid for it :(
I want to also show you all what Morgan made for me, he animated a cartoon of me crocheting as an intro for my YOUTUBE channel, I cant get over how cute this is! I just love it, Here is the link to my husbands Blog - go check it out if you can, it is really interesting and covers everything from giant spiders, three legged cats to movie reviews! LINK

Thank you all for your comments on all my past posts and I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Oh, Neen, I think you need to rest your hand so that you don't do further damage. You are the third blog friend this summer complaining of hand or wrist pains. I had pains earlier in the year and it was from a summer of nonstop crocheting. Trust me, nonstop. lol

    All the hats look wonderful. My suggestion for yours is a large flower on the side. I do love that style. Your hubby did a fantastic animation. Too cute!!!

    BTW, I moved my blog to a different url. I'm now at: Hope to see you there!

  2. Hi Libby, yes I think I will have to give it a rest now while I can :)

  3. Oh my goodness Neen, I feel your pain. I wear splinted braces to bed, if I've done much crochet over the day, and I wore theragloves (not the Theraglove brand, but the same basic thing) while crocheting for a long time, until found Crochet Lite hooks on sale. They're very nice on the hand and I can stitch longer without wearing a glove! Please check them out (the gloves and hooks!). RSI is awful! Take care!

  4. Hi neen, I am so excited about you coming over, yay!!! Not long now. You rest your hand my girl, dont want to do any more damage to it! You can take it easy the whole time your here, a recuperation period, you dont have to do anythign apart from enjoy yourself, that should sort you out :)
    I think you should add flowers to your hat, which is lovely and really suits you.
    I love the piccies of the Ladies day celebrations, the residents all look so happy :)
    The roses and the jug are gorgeous, love them, and I love the animation Morg made for you :)
    The summer rose baby set is adorable, and wow, you made it in such a short space of time, bionic woman :)
    Have a lovely day off my best friend
    See you soon!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your hand. Please rest it and take care of yourself. Take breaks. Crochet less. (Gasp.)

    I think flowers on your pink hat would be good. You've done that well before, like the roses on your "cold shoulders" projects.

    I recently read "Secrets" by Freya North. In there the main character spends some time volunteering at a nursing home, does manicures and pedicures for the women, and generally helps them look better, which helps them feel better about themselves. Your "Ladies Day" sounds like a similar sort of thing.

    Thought Morgan and flowers :-) I watched his cartoon of you crocheting. The project grows during it. Cute. I looked at his blog. Yes, that's where I've seen that picture before.


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