Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best-friends, Crochet, Spinning and Grandmothers!

So the holiday is over, and we are now back in Ireland, the time spent with Melanie and John will never be forgotten - we had such a wonderful time and I was so sad to say Goodbye -
While there Melanie and I both worked on a Crochet Along, Jumpers to keep us warm, we call them the BFF Jumpers ;)

Here is mine

and here is the front and back of Mel's.

When we got back into Ireland we decided to spend the night in Dublin, so that we could go shopping the next day - Morgan had arranged a yarn shop tour for me and we visited the store "I KNIT", and look what I got!

A Drop Spindle!!

Granted I am not the best at it, but it is early days and I am happy at my progress thus far, in fact yesterday at my father in laws 52nd birthday party I was teaching my sister in laws and my Grandmother' in law how to use it!
Nanna really enjoyed using the spindle!

teaching Gen
and teaching Milo

Nanna is Morgans grandmother on his fathers side, and I have to say I Love this woman, she is so very kind and traditional, and yet has a wonderful sense of humour not to mention one heck of a sweet tooth! I love sitting with her and chatting as she is always very interesting and I find we have the same views on alot of things - everyday life, religion etc ... Nanna is the kind of woman that I hope to be some day...


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Your hubby was so sweet to surprise you like that. Enjoy your drop spindle. BTW, I love that 2nd photo of you and Mel. You should frame that one.

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead. :-)

  2. Very proud of you learned how to use the drop spindle so're already a pro! Love ya

  3. I have heard so much about nanna, I am pleased I can now put a face to her name, she looks like a lovely woman :) I love the yarn you have made with your drop spindle, well done Neen. I was so sad to say goodbye too, and I can not wait to see you and Morg again :) xxxxx

  4. I cannot get into spinning!!! (I have no more space for roving!!) But what wonderful yarn!!!

  5. Wish I lived closer, would love to join the fun!


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