Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ive broken a world Record! well.. With 1146 other People!

August 2009, in Oregon, Knitters from all over the USA gathered and with over 900 people, broke the Guinness World Record for the most knitters in one place - 
April 2011, in Roscommon, Ireland - Michelle from MichelleMadeThis worked hard and organised for knitters to try to break that record ....

I traveled down from Galway to The Lamb Festival with my little sister Shauna (who took up knitting only 6days before the event!), Michelle, Jen, Anne, Elizabeth and Sharon from my stitch group Cafecreate you can find us HERE, Once there we said a quick hello to Michelle and regestered I was lucky number 819!

Elizabeth, knitting a hat and Michelle, knitting a sock

There was a little waiting time before the record attempt so we sat and .... yes thats right Knitted!

 Michelle and Jen, knitting a scarf 

 Sharon, knitting a top and Anne, knitting the lace stitch

Me, knitting arm warmers and Shauna who was knitting a doll

Then at noon we were told to make our way to the stands in the near by football park- the stands were high up, full of people and attracted alot of wind! It was freezing! but first we stopped for a group photo!

"Sisters, sisters... there was never more devoted sisters"

"knit one,"

Shauna working hard

While sitting in the stands we were entertained with live music and a dog show - also by a man with a microphone who made us do MANY mexican waves! But did we break the record? well watch the below video to find out!

Yes thats right we did it! 1147 knitters knitting! Ireland now holds the record!!
With the lovely Michelle

Afterwards we stopped in a lovely cafe and had some lunch followed by a trip to a old fashioned sweetshop - all in all it was a wonderful day 


  1. Wow, so many knitters! Congrat Neen!

  2. Yay! That's Great!

  3. Well done on breaking the record :) Lovely to see Shauna so engrossed in her knitting :) But Neen, I could not believe I saw you knitting!!!! Your not going over to the other side are you, lol :) xxxx


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