Sunday, May 22, 2011

Then and Now, the 16 year old Me

Hey there guys
I want to take you way back, ten years ago - Here I am with my husband at our prom (in Ireland we call it The Debs), I loved my dress and felt so comfy in it- you might see back then I had blonde hair

And here we are a few months ago ... am I shrinking? as I am much taller in the first photo and was in fact wearing flat shoes.... 


  1. i don't think you shrunk, i just think he finally grew, You guys are so lucky to have found each other so young. Here's to love, and many more years together. *raises a glass*

  2. My guess would be that no you are not shrinking HE grew. Men continue to grow until they are about 26 years old, but women quit growing around the age of 20. So you probably reached your full height and he had a growth spurt.

    How awesome that you have been together that long. :)

  3. Yeah, I'm thinking Morgan got taller or maybe in the first photo he was putting his weight on one leg so you guys would be closer to the same height. :-)

  4. haha, my thought exactly. But Morgan grew from a boy to a man during that time and it shows on the photos. So, no, honey, you're not shrinking (at least not lengthwise and not yet!)

  5. You look lovely in both pics Neen, and you have not changed one bit :) Love your prom dress :) xx


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