Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crochet, New Clothes and KNITTING!!

Hi There! what lovely weather we have been having in Ireland at the moment, it lifts my spirits and makes everything seem light and easy, I have been crocheting and ... wait for it .... KNITTING! last week I watched a "how to" video on youtube and have been knitting since! but first let me share with you my latest crochet hat

Also I am a member of "hat a month" group on Ravelry, so for the month of May we had this lovely pattern to follow LINK below is my take on it - as you will see my flower is much different then the one in the pattern, I designed the flower a few days ago and wanted to use mine instead

Now I must prepare you ... are you sitting down? yes ... well next I am about to show you my first knitted projects!!

I still have along way to go on knitting but at least I can do the basic stitches!! Yesterday I went to town with my sister Shauna and while there I picked up the following:
Light washed ripped boyfriend fit Jeans

Floral print flowing top

Cropped Jeans

What do you think??


  1. Amazing works again! I really love the headbads!

  2. You have been busy. I adore the first hat its stunning you are clever, dee x

  3. Love the crochet, love the knitting, love the new clothes and I love the top your wearing in that photo :) xxxx

  4. Wooo, knitting! Glad the mitts and headbands worked out for you. :)

  5. Oh, you have been craft busy. Everything looks so lovely. And you are a fast learner in knitting. Those fingerless gloves are the best! I love the color and the stitches on the wrist section. Fantastic!

  6. Your knitting is coming well. I've never tried it, but you are a multi-crafter. Nice wrist warmers and use of fun fur on your crocheted hat.

    (I haven't been able to crochet in months and typing with one hand isn't too quick.)


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