Saturday, April 30, 2011

Checkmate Kate! You won the King

What a magical day - today Prince William of England married Kate Middleton - I was working in the home today and decided to throw a little wedding party for the residents - they all had the English flags and waited with me to catch sight of the dress!
and for me it did not disappoint! What a stunning choice - elegant and in my eyes Kate looked every once like Grace Kelly - what do you think?

and I must say I was in awe of the choice to have the bridal party wearing white!

It is said that when Prince Harry saw Kate walking up the aisle he turned to William and whispered "she looks stunning", then when William saw her he told her she looked lovely, very Beautiful ... Aww!

After the wedding Prince William took his new wife out in his sports car to wave to the thousands there, I think after watching the wedding I like them even more, as they have brought something "real" to the Royal family

and finally I got to see the second dress that Kate changed into, and I think I have found my style icon! 


  1. I LOVED the wedding and His face when he say her that first time was soo awesome. You can tell they are really in love. And I said the same thing about her dress and Grace Kelly, I'm excited to see her son's wedding in June/July. Great pics thanks for the post

  2. It was a very lovely event. It is all that shows on tv these days over here. Kate is such a natural beauty!

  3. Because of their similarity, a design based on Kelly's dress was one of the expected options. She wore it well.

  4. What a wonderful day it was, I loved every moment of the wedding :) xxx


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