Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Week In Pictures

Hello everyone, While on a visit to my best friend Melanie's Blog I saw she did a really interesting post about her week and decided to do the same... So sit back and relax with a cuppa while I take you on a tour of my week!
Last Saturday I called in on my beautiful God daughter Erica as she celebrated her First Holy Communion here we are below, isn't she cute? I am wearing an outfit from New Look, can you tell Ive lost weight? the skirt is actually a size down from usual! 

as well as a new outfit I also treated myself to this cute little bag 

I also got a lovely gift from Morgan last week- check out my new PINK blackberry!!

On Wednesday My friend Sarah turned 23! aww still a baby! our friend Jana decided to throw her a BBQ and invited a few of us from work (this is how we all know each other) I went along sure that I would stay for an hour and then leave - I got there before 5pm and left after 11.30! It was a great night, however there is always one that ends up drinking a bit too much and ends up locking them self in the bathroom while one Mrs Crochet bangs from the other side needing to pee!
Tara and Me (I get on really well with this girl)

Anna, Jana the hostess and Me

the gang! 

Thursday was Morgans Birthday we celebrated by going to town and having a nice lunch in my favourite cafe Cupan Tae, I recently gave them a gift of a crochet tea cup can you spot it in this picture?

We also stopped in Judy Greens where Morgan got me these amazing vintage gloves... remind me whose birthday was it again?

in the afternoon we stopped in the cinema to watch Thor, Morgan was really looking forward to it, I enjoyed it but thought so parts could have been better
Morgan and I in the cinema

On Friday I held a big birthday lunch for Morgan and invited his family and mine, in fact there was 12 people in our home, that has been the biggest amount I have cooked for so far in our tiny home!

Morgan enjoyed all his family being there, although after all the cooking and baking and being left to the washing up, I wont be rushing to do it again any time soon!

On Saturday I went on an outing with the women of CafeCreate, we went to Castlebar for the craft festival and unlike the year before it rained and rained and rained! we were soaked! 
we all stopped in the cafe and had some tea to warm us before checking out the stalls

Florie and Noreen

the Queen herself! Anne


The weather was horrid and it was very hard to get around as we were in fact in the middle of no where, so after a couple of hours we decided enough was enough and called our bus man, It makes me smile looking at such a difference in group photos, we went to the same festival last year and this was our group photo
May 2010


Our bus driver Ollie was a lovely man and on the way home stopped in a small Irish pub, where it didn't take some women long to catch the eye of a few Limerick men! but I wont name names .... (cough Kathleen, Sharon, Noreen, cough!)

After having a rest at home that evening it was time to get dressed and go to Lisa Hannigans gig in the Roisin Dubh (pronounced RO-SHIN DOVE), Galway - for those of you who might not have heard Lisa before, check out this video!

here is a photo I took from my new blackberry phone

Craft wise I have been busy designing my first knitted pattern - here is a sneak peak! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my week, let me know in the comments how your week was? and before I finish I will share with you a favorite dress of mine

Have a lovely week everyone and God Bless xx


  1. spoiled, spoiled, spoiled... both of you ;P
    Happy late birthday Morgan! I see you guys have been enjoying yourselves (despite the weather!) You'll have to tell me all about Castlebar this Saturday!

  2. What a lovely week you have had! You have lost so much weight!! Well done Neen :) Your dresses, all of them are gorgeous! So pleased Morg had a nice birthday, the gloves are fab!!! Loved this post :) xxx

  3. I love your new dress, Neen! Your red furniture is lovely!


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