Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Home, Crochet Prizes, Teeth and Rings

Hello Everyone, I hope your having a lovely Sunday, I would like to take this time to invite you all to a tour of my home in the video below, so lets get started and I will put the kettle on:

Please excuse the puffiness of my face, On Friday I had my second wisdom tooth removed and it was a BIG one he he, but I have to say the dentist I go to is wonderful and in just five minutes the tooth was gone- it makes me smile to remember how nervous I was in the days leading up to it- to the point that my talented husband made and sent me this to relax me

I have just found out that I was a lucky winner (along with everyone else, thank you Sarah!!) on Sarah's blog, the prize is a wonderful pattern to this:

Isn't it lovely? I cant wait to make a start on it, when I saw this it took my breath away, I think it is so classical and vintage. 
Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing the afternoon with Aga - I know Aga through the Stitch'n'bitch group we attend, well yesterday Aga came over to my home, we had a nice chat and a cuppa and while she and Morgan talked over some business I prepared dinner - homemade macaroni and cheese with a side salad, followed by a chocolate crumble dessert - 

Before I go let me share with you my ring collection- these are rings that Morgan gave me for gifts/ engagement/ wedding etc ...

The Promise Ring: The first ring Morgan gave me was for Valentines Day 2001 a gold ring with a diamond chip resting on a silver pillow, he told me it was a "promise" ring and the next ring he would give me would be an engagement one, I also gave Morgan a ring on this day, a silver thumb ring with the engraving N+M Forever

The Engagement Ring: we got engaged in November 2002, the ring was so simple and pretty - a gold band with one diamond solitaire, Perfect. we got engaged very young at 17, we both knew it would be a long engagement but met anger and disapproval with my husbands family, in fact they never accepted the engagement and so we were never congratulated by them, I understand now that they felt worried but it was very hurtful, thankfully we got plenty of support from our friends and my family, the engagement ring got us through many hard times and a long distance relationship lasting 3 years.

The Eternity Ring: Morgan gave me this ring for Christmas 2007, I was in shock by its beauty a gold band with three diamonds! it touched my heart, still to this day whenever I wear it people always compliment it

The Wedding Band: We went shopping for our wedding rings together, we both wanted something simple and timeless, we chose to have plain gold bands, I remember the day after the wedding, watching my new husband as he talked to different people, looking so smart in his new suit and the ring shining on his hand, I was so proud!

The Sapphire Ring: given to me Christmas 2010, When I was small I always wanted a ring like this, to me it was a real princess ring, I told this to Morgan after I wrote this post LINK as you can see it is very similar to Kate Middleton's engagement ring, on Christmas morning, I unwrapped all my gifts from Morgan and when we were done he told me to look in the tree and there on a branch was the ring!

I have been treated so well by my husband, I don't mean by what he buys for me- although he buys me so many pretty things, but by the way he treats me, with such love and respect- I am a very blessed woman

"I found the one my heart loves."~ Song of Solomon 3:4
Have a lovely week everyone, and remember to keep warm, pray at least once a day and smile at a stranger - you never know they may need it! 
and as always thank you for reading and commenting- 
Neen x


  1. I really like reading the stories about your rings. I like that you two found each other so early in life and that you are still happy together. I also want to compliment Morgan for picking out such simple, beautiful and unique designs!

  2. Very cool post pretty girl, glad ya like your rings... love ya!

  3. Hi Katie - yes I love that Morgan has been in my life for so long - its wonderful having a bestfriend/lover/husband all wrapped up in a handsome package :) he is gifted when picking out gifts for me, I am a lucky lucky girl, hope you are well

    Hello Morg- I love you xx

  4. You are very welcome Neen! All the rings are lovely too. :)

  5. Thanks sarah, looking forward to creating it x

  6. Thanks for the tour around your home - what a great idea !
    Have a good day
    Sue x

  7. What a lovely post Neen :) I really enjoyed the tour of your home, your dresser is gorgeous!!!
    So pleased your tooth is out now, and your free from pain :) xxx

  8. Hi Neen! Your home is so lovely! I hope you're better now! Have a lovely week!

  9. Thank you for the tour of your home. We've seen pictures of pieces of it, but not fit together with narration.

    Sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth. Hope it heals well and quickly.

    I agree with the others that Morg and you have good taste in jewelry.

    I see you've started a plan to lose weight. Good luck with that, whatever your plans are. Diet is key. Exercise helps.

  10. You moderate comments, but I entered a comment and I think it got lost. Ugh.

  11. sue- glad you liked the tour - our home is a small old cottage but we have worked hard on it even though its just rented
    Hi Melanie- glad you liked the dresser, thought you would and at only 2euro what a bargin!
    Hi Barb - thank you for the warm wishes hope you are keeping well x
    Hi Brad - glad you liked my home- even though its only rented we have made alot of DIY on it, its a very old Irish cottage, the tooth or lack of tooth is fine- just very bruised, yes I am just watching my diet and not having dinner late at night etc and keeping moving and active- I moderate my comments as I was getting alot of spam last year for porn sites -


Thank you for the comment - I will always try to answer them here, Have a lovely day xxx