Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yarn Shop, New Baby and Sewing Kittens!!

Happy Sunday everyone,
 hope you are having a lovely weekend, I am dreading going back to work, even though the mornings are getting brighter it is horrid going in when all I would love to do is stay at home and create, but oh well bills have to be paid and the rent aint free! thats life, On Friday I was in our LYS with my sister, and while I did all the "boring" stuff she went around snapping pictures, so would you like to see where I buy all my yarn/ material and bits?... of coarse you would!

 At the moment there is a HUGE sale on
 they sell Donegal tweed here
 and baby yarn
 so pretty!
 Here I am below trying to find a pattern, I was looking for a pencil skirt or dress pattern

When we were finished we met up with my brother and husband and passed by a lovely art exhibit, the painting below just took my breath away, isnt it wonderful!

Oh and the lovely news for my family right now is that my cousin Lisa had a little girl, Ella Katy Furey weighing 7IBS and 13oz,
I saw this on a blog today and fell in love with it so wanted to share it with you all, enjoy!
have a lovely week x


  1. How cute is that kitten! Your wool shop looks divine, I am sure many hours could be lost in there. xx

  2. That is one cute kitty. I don't even know how to use a sewing machine. :/ I'd love to have a look around that craft store. Ours is nothing like that -- but they are having a sale, so I bought some yarn and am making a granny stripe baby afghan at the moment. Weather here has been blah too. Sunny days ahead! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Kitty is just so sweet! What a great shop. You no doubt will be crocheting/sewing up something for the new little nice.

  4. I wish my cat would sew for me, lol. That is an awesome store, I could spend days there! Congrats to your cousin!

  5. Mmmm, lovely yarn shop. And the kitten is fantastic :D

  6. That yarn shop is fab, and some size too!!! They sell everything in there, wish there was one like that here. Love that video of the kitten :) xxx

  7. i know that yarn shop!love your new blog design :)

  8. Hi Neen! Your blog is looking extra lovely!
    Wow! Love the yarn shop! Yes, I want to stay home from work and putter around, too. Oh well.


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