Sunday, November 21, 2010

Candy, Families, Cancer, Crafts and Engagements

Hello everyone, I want to first thank you for the get well wishes from my last post - I'm feeling much better although I am still aching, It has been a very busy week for me, working, visiting family etc, although I have not posted all week I have been snapping pictures, so be warned this is a very long post! Get your self nice and comfy, cup of tea in your hand and biscuits in reach and we can begin!
On Tuesday we called up to Morgans grandparents house Angela and Aidan Sr, to say goodbye to his uncle Aidan Jr, aunt Colleen and cousins Sally and Molly who were returning to the states the next day- Colleen was so very kind in giving us a great big bag of American candy! we cant get these in Ireland so it was a real treat!

 I have NEVER tasted candy corn until now! I loved it and could eat it all day!

 Pop Rocks! It was like I was five years old again!

Tootsie Rolls! Yummy!

When we arrived it was lovely to see that all the family had turned out, so we were able to catch up with everyone. I enjoyed playing with Molly and Sally and getting to know them a little better.

 Molly, wondering if she could make it to the top of the stairs before anyone notices!

 Collen and the girls unwrapping our gifts - I made the girls crochet hats each and Collen a crochet Cape

 A knitted Jumper, made by Morgans grandmother, this was made over 20years ago!

Sally drawing a picture for Morgan

Here I am reading to Sally about Sly Fox, Morgan looks worried for poor Mrs Chicken!

after the evening it was time to head home and I couldn't believe it was almost midnight! I was shattered in work the next day! 

We have also been very worried about our cat Hope, last year Hope lost her back leg to cancer and this week the remaining back leg was very swollen and she struggled to walk - We don't know if the cancer has returned - I have come to terms that she more then likely will need to be put down - it is very upsetting for me - for many years she has been such a comfort, When Morgan was in Dublin studying and I felt alone she was always there for a cuddle and always offered lots of love - we took her to the vet on Friday and was told to bring her back for an X-ray on Monday morning, until then they gave her a few shots in case its just an infection.
After we brought her home I decided we needed to go out and relax and so we went to the opening of the Christmas Market in Galway - it was dark and cold and the Christmas lights twinkled and the carols could be heard from every corner! - BLISS! below is a selection of short videos I took:

Craft wise I have been making these lovely corsages designed by Michelle from Michelle Made This

very quick project to make! In fact I decided to run a workshop making these in work for the elderly - and in one hour we had managed to make these:

Didn't the women do a wonderful job!!?? big thanks to Michelle for the wonderful pattern!!

In news this week Prince William and Kate finally got engaged! I have to say I for one think they make a lovely couple and I am in love with the dress she wore when they announced it
 After much looking I found out the dress is by designer Issa and costs over 400 sterling! better take it off my Christmas list :(

I love this photo of the pair, elegant and classy!

And the ring - I think its stunning, It belonged to Princess Diane, My only thoughts on this is that it is opening Kate up to constantly being compared to the late Diane - take for example this picture

I think Kate has more of a back bone then what Diane had, Diane was after all only 21 when she was married to Charles, a man in love with another woman, I have had to laugh at myself right now because it sounds like I know and have an interest with the Royal family - which I dont - I do like style however, and I think Kate Middleton is a woman to watch!
Wishing you all a wonderful week xx


  1. What a lovely post Neen :) I am pleased to hear you are feeling better. I pray that Hope is ok, poor Hope. I love the jumper Morgs granny made, wish I could knit like that! xxxx

  2. Hi Neen, love the corsages they look lovely and the ladies look fab too :O)

  3. Makes me wonder how 'incidental' that practically matching outfit was. Kate is a sassy woman, and being in the public eye like she is I'm sure she has a PR agent. They'd surely want to encourage comparisons to Diana, adored as she was.

    I LOVE Tootsie rolls. Nom!

  4. Hi Mel - Thank God she is feeling much better, isnt the jumper fab and in such good condition due to only being handwashed!

    Hi Michelle - the women did a wonderful job and really enjoyed making them - thanks!

    Hi Michelle - I totally agree with you there!

  5. Oh I'm glad you are feeling better! Glad you enjoyed our American candies. Humm, maybe I should organize a Christmas Candy swap. :-)


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