Monday, February 14, 2011

Free Pattern Valentine Wreath

Valentine Wreath Pattern
By Nina O'Brien
You will need:
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • 1 polystyrene ring
  • 1 packet of material flowers
  • 50g pink yarn
  • 80g white yarn
  • sewing needle
  • thread
  • ribbon
  1. Taking the white yarn, tie a knot and begin wrapping it around the polystyrene ring until fully covered
  2. next wrap the ribbon around, here you can use the clothing pins to pin it in place, make sure to keep pins at the back out of site.
  3. seperate your flowers and using the clothing pins, tack them into place
  4. now make the hearts, and sew into place

Heart (make 2)
  • Begin by chaining 6
  • Single crochet into second chain from the hook
  • Single crochet in each chain across, (there should be five single crochets)
  • Turn.
  • Chain one, single crochet in each space across.
  • Turn and repeat
  • Make sure to do five single crochet rows.
  • Now we are at the end of the fifth row, after making the last single crochet, you will chain 1
  • Make 6 double crochets, into half way point at the side of your rows
  • Slip stitch into last space
  • Make 6 double crochets, chain 1’s, 
  • Slip stitch into last space and tie off  and sew in loose ends. 
please note:
I have no problem giving my patterns for free to other crafters, all I ask that if posting this pattern up on any site that you link it to me and keep my name on it - however if selling any object made from my pattern please ask my permission first -  also DO NOT claim this pattern as your own, it has been copyrighted. 
If you crochet this please let me know and show pictures I would love to link your site here 


  1. So lovely. I'm having visitors next week and I've planned a get together that is heart-themed. I've been wanting a wreath for my front door that had hearts and now voila! you've posted this pattern. Thanks!

  2. OH!!! que bello amiga, te felicito.
    Que pases un feliz día de san Valentín.
    Hapy Valentines day.

  3. Hola Paqui - muchas gracias por tu comentario - tener un día maravilloso mi amiga,amor de neen
    also: perdonen mi español pobre :)

    Hello Kathleen - Im so glad that you like it - if you have any problems with the pattern please let me know :) also please let me see your finishing wreath x


Thank you for the comment - I will always try to answer them here, Have a lovely day xxx