Saturday, February 19, 2011

Losing Weight

So hello everyone,
This is a quick post to keep you all updated - I have decided to loose weight and get fit - you can follow my journey on my YOUTUBE channel 
here is the first video I posted talking through my feelings:

and here is a video I took today while being active with my husband Morgan

Thanks for watching and thank you for your support and comments - as always x


  1. Neen, thank you for being so honest, it's a very brave thing to do. I do feel exactly the same, as I am about 50 lbs over weight and am very unhappy about it. I will look forward to your videos and hoping to uplift you in prayer and comments along your journey as well. Blessings to you dear friend!

  2. Hi Neen, Good luck with your weight loss, but take it slowly. It's good that you are following a sensible weight loss plan like W.W. Don't be depressed about putting weight back on - you can probably lose most of it by summer. I'm also trying to lose 5 kilos.

  3. You will do it neen, you have so much willpower, I know you'll do it :) xxx

  4. Congratulations on getting started. That first step can be a big one. Good luck with your diet changes and I hope you enjoy your activities.

    I know of a few websites that people use to track the sort of thing you're doing. You might be interested in them to help with motivation, tracking your progress, etc.

    (The latter is not just about/for body building.)

  5. The best ways to health and weight loss aren’t difficult! I struggled with fat loss for years; when I got married, I lost 20 pounds.

  6. What a lovely Video neen, Well done :Dxx


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