Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crochet Give Away

Hi guys, how has your week been so far? I want to start this post by saying thank you to Sarah for awarding me the stylish blogger award! what a lovely treat!
With the award comes the fact that I must tell you 7 things about myself, so lets begin ...
  1. Neen is not my real name but 90% of people only know me as that.
  2. I would love to spend one whole day in a spa- being pampered and rubbed and relaxed 
  3. I sing in my sleep
  4. I do not trust people easily, If someone hurts me I usually step back from that person and cut contact
  5. I am desperate to become a mother
  6. I love clipping other peoples toenails!
  7. I really want a craft room.

So I got one "love" themed project done - I made a heart shaped table mat and coaster. I was thrilled with how easy the pattern was

I also never got a chance to show you the ear rings that I made for my secret Santa partner Kym - it really made me smile that as we exchanged gifts we had both crocheted for each other ear rings! the saying comes to mind "Great minds think a like, and fools seldom differ!" 

Last night while watching Quantum Leap I decided to try a pattern from one of my favorite books "Crochet that Fits" by designer Mary Jane Hall,

what do you think of my flared 1940s hat?

I was delighted with the pattern, it was very easy to follow and Mary Jane writes instructions so beautifully! I then decided to make these lovely slippers also from the book, for my little sister Shauna

In my opinion every crocheter should own a copy of this book, the patterns are so different and wrote simply, 

I also received a lovely PIF package from Clara of Claras Crochet Room
She made me a beautiful Christmas table runner, Christmas decoration and a bottle cooler- Thanks Clara!

So now it is my turn to send three PIF(Pay it Forward) packages, If you would like to take part let me know in the comments - I will then pick my three on Wednesday. Remember though that once you receive your package you must write a post and link it back here but also then it will be your turn to make something for three other people (TIP- make something small and light for cheaper postage)
So who would like to take part?


  1. Finally,the parcel arrived. Glad you enjoyed it. I really like all that you've shown here today but especially the hat and slippers and the color is so beautiful on you! Congrats on your award and I really enjoyed reading your fun facts. I hope your dream for a craft room comes true.

  2. Hiya Neen :) Love all your crochet, you really suit that hat :) xxx

  3. Hi Nina,I would love to take part in pay it forward.Love your hat,I must look up that book,sounds soon,Andrea xx

  4. Neen, you can post any of your projects on my new Crafty Links page for all to see!

  5. Hi Clara - yes it got here and I loved everything! thanking you so so much xx

    Hi Melanie- glad you liked them

    Hi Andrea - Lovely as soon as I get your address I will post you a package xx

    Hello Tink :) thank you for following my blog and commenting :) hope to see and get to know you more x


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