Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crochet Fish, Floral Fancies and Vintage Sewing Machines!

Hello everyone, how has your week been?, I have been so busy crafting all week and have made some wonderful projects, I have been so excited to share them with you, so lets get started:

After seeing a lovely fish hat on Libbys blog I decided to design and crochet one also - here it is below

 Made for a newborn

Below I made a hat and matching pram blanket for my cousin who is due a little girl any day now

I also tried my hand at some filet crochet, by making this heart! it was very easy and quick to do - the video can be found here LINK

I have also been shopping, and as everyone knows I love all things floral so in Primark I got myself two lovely tops

I have also been very busy on my sewing machine and have sewn the following:

My Summer Floral Skirt
I got the material from the lovely shop PippaBlue, I love this shop so much, and was very proud of my skirt, I wore it on Saturday and got many compliments!

My "for her" Patchwork Blanket

Patchwork sewing machine mat with pockets

Talking about sewing machines I want to share with you a longing I have had for so long, I have always wanted to own a old singer machine - the black metal one! so many people own them and have them on display, and I always thought - If I had one I would have it on show in my future craft room,anyway my mother in law Elizabeth heard about this and this morning gave me a lovely gift of this:

A Singer Featherweight 221

 When my husbands grandparents got married they moved to America, My husbands grandmother, Angela who was only 22 at the time received this machine from her aunt Mary over there it was 1960, it turns out her aunt had had the machine for years but had never used it as she was "keeping it", Angela worked hard with this machine, making clothing for her children, when they returned to Ireland the machine was sent with their belongings by boat as the family took the plane home to Ireland, Years later Angela gave the machine to her daughter Elizabeth who then knowing my love for them - gave it to me today... and guess what? It still works, I have decided to get it serviced though to make sure it stays in good condition, after looking into it we found out the machine itself was made in 1951, isnt it beautiful!

I am currently crocheting a project from the book Crochet that fits by Mary Jane Hall and was delighted when I saw she had featured me here LINK
Oh yes and my PIF package will be going out to Andrea from lushstuff! I will contact you, Andrea for your address and will send it to you ASAP, so far I have 5 packages to send this week!! and I have been delayed so much in sending out three for months, two to England and the other to New York but I promise those packages WILL be sent!! 
now I will finish with this video that my husband took of me while I was sleeping, how cute is my pretty kitty Hope?


  1. Oh Neen, I love all your creations, the fish hat is fab, and so cute!!!
    Love your skirt and blanket, they are so pretty, your so talented!!!
    How cute was Hope snuggled into you while you slept, bless :) xxxx

  2. Oh, you've been very busy! I love all your projects. And yes, that sewing machine is a beauty! I have a machine my aunt had in her youth. I would love to have the case refinished and the machine cleaned up. I know it doesn't work and don't know how much it would cost to make it work, but I was fascinated because when I opened the drawer I saw threads used waaayyy back in the day and all these buttons. It feels I've touched a precious piece of the past.

    What I want now is a Serger. :-)

  3. Thanks Melanie, I love napping with Hope, she keeps me so warm lol xx

  4. I love the old Singer machines - my mum has one with a big wooden case. It weighs a ton, but it's so beautiful! Lovely story to go with yours too!

  5. Very nice machine for being 60years old. I hope it works well for you along with your existing machine.

    Congratulations on being featured on Hall's page. You have written about how much you like her book, so that's cool to be recognized by the author.

  6. Beautiful creations and your new sewing machine is lovely

  7. I got a sewing machine at Christmas, it's a hand me down from my mom. Only problem... yeah, I don't know how to sew. :) I'm taking a class next month though. I'm looking forward to making skirts for myself and my daughters, I can never find what I like in the store, but I'm always seeing pretty fabric.

    Love your tops. I'm a big fan of the floral patterns too.

  8. Hey Neen, that fish hat is so cute! And well done on all the other projects too! I also have an old hand-crank Singer that I bought in the Blackberry Market, Dublin for 25punts way back. It works a treat. And if you go to the Singer website and send an email to the customer service team with your machine's serial number they will email a PDF file of the original manual, if you think you need it.

  9. Lucky you to have a Singer Featherlight. They are prized by many. I have my paternal Grandmother's Singer Sewing Machine. I have her wooden cabinet and the original booklet. But the machine/booklet doesn't have a date but I'm sure it's from at least the 1940s. My Mom had one too but I don't know what she did with hers.

  10. Hello, I have just popped over from Melanies blog (infact I live just around the corner from her, ). You have made some lovely things. The sewing machine is lovely and I like the idea for the sewing machine mat, I think I might have a go at one.

    Sarah x

  11. Hi libby your machine with the original threads sound lovely, please let me know if you ever take photos

    hi LB yes the singer I have weighs a ton also, women back then must have had arms like men ;)

    Hi Brad I am looking forward to getting the machine serviced so that it will stay in good nick

    hello HP thank you for the lovely comments x

    Hi Missy - its good your getting classes, I will be also- although I have sewn abit I want to learn the proper ways to do things before I get any bad habits lol

    Hi Ester - always lovely hearing from you, glad you liked the hat- my sister in law wants one for herself now also hehe

    Hi Sandy yes I love anything vintage thank you for the lovely comment

    Hi Sarah thank you for popping by, can I get you a cuppa while your here? ;) Im going to visit you now also x


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