Sunday, January 9, 2011

All you need is love....

So I must ask what do you guys think of the new look of my blog? I love it so much, I love my banner above which has a collection of images to do with me and my life, Thanks must go to my husband who stayed up until 3AM arranging it for me, also for those of you who read my blog and like my crafts please feel free to use my button on the right hand side of this blog, its the pink ball of yarn.

we are fast moving on to spring and I will be so happy to say goodbye to the dark mornings! I thought that I will spend the next few weeks dedicated to ... .Love!, so everything I decide to create will be inspired by the heart - and to give you an idea of some of the things I plan to make I have picked a selection of patterns from Ravelry

make sure to keep watch for my take on these!

I am back to work tomorrow after two week sick leave, to say Im not looking forward to it is an understatement, even though I was ill it was lovely being home and having the whole day to craft and just be home! I pray for the day when I can be a stay at home wife and one day mother.
Im wishing you all a lovely week, Im off now to cuddle up with my handsome husband and watch a movie, God Bless x


  1. I "heartily" approve of this theme! You may know from my blog I am a bit of a mini-obsession with hearts....I'm also very much in love these days, so I look forward to seeing what you show us.And may I say your blog looks fabulous? Oh yes. Hope work isn't too dreadful sweetheart - I hate the feeling of going back to work also. X

  2. Being able to stay home sounds like a dream (although I realize it still is an amazing task). I asked my mom many times if it was okay to be a house woman, uh since I'm still single I can't honestly be a housewife! lol

    I love your new blog design. It matches your style and your cozy home. I also love the projects you've selected to do. I look forward to seeing them and/or your interpretation of "Love" over the next weeks.

    I understand your work dilemma but I'm also glad you're well enough to return to work! :-)

  3. Beautiful new look! Wonderful!

  4. Love,love ,love the new look.Your header is fantastic-gold frame is a work of art!!!Funnily I re-worked my blog today and even updated my blog button.I happily added yours to mine.Best of luck

  5. oh i love the new look, hubby did a great job, i love the new idea of the hearts them i would love the small hearts it so cool. see you on ravelry BB

  6. The new blog looks great, I love the banner. I am looking forward to seeing your versions of the projects, I jkust love that second heart blanket, I might have to hunt for it on Ravelry!

  7. I love your blog face lift Neen, the banner is great!!!
    The red and pink heart blanket, I love, I may have to make one too :)
    I hope work has been ok for you today, pleased your better now
    Take care
    love Melanie xxxx

  8. Love the new banner, great collection of photos. Hope you survive the first day at work. I do not envy you. It's always the most painful day and one that seems to drag endlessly.

    The heart blanket makes me wish i could crochet (or have the patience to do it). It's super cute! Keep warm Neen!

  9. The new blog design is gorgeous! Your hubby is very talented! :)

  10. I love the new look! Well worth the hard work.

  11. Gorgeous! Love the new look to the blog, well done to you and that man of yours!
    Happy new year....and happy heart projects!!
    My sis has taken up crochet, so I'm looking forward to bringing her to a cafe create saturday when she visits Galway again!

  12. I just found your blog and think it looks lovely! Your crochet is lovely too, I collect nativity scenes and yours is awesome. And I'm a big Quantum Leap fan too! Sounds like you found a perfect way to spend your sick time, and I'm glad you're feeling better. Looking forward to being a regular reader!


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