Sunday, March 6, 2011

21st Party

Hello everyone - 
Last night we attended my husbands sister's 21st party -  It was held in a castle, her birthday was in December but due to poor weather and people not attending it got push back to now, I thought the castle looked a little spooky at night - what do you think?

 Here we are waiting in the bar for everyone to arrive, 

 The Staff, Elizabeth and Genny did a lovely job of setting everything up 

The Birthday Girl

Morgan, Chris and Graham, deep in conversation about Captain Planet (most likely!)

Just the two of us...

The DJ was very good although I did feel sorry for him as no one really danced much- apart from that one child that is at every party who never leaves the floor haha! anyway here is a quick video I took while there:

With Mary, my husbands aunt who gave me help and advice when making the patchwork blanket

 Morgan with his lovely Nanna, What a lady!

And finally, no party is very complete without Glow Sticks!


  1. a castle??wow!love glow sticks!
    interesting to hear voices ;)

  2. You look stunning in your new dress, Neen! Looks like a very fun party :)
    Greets from Belgium!

  3. Looks great Neen, and yip, the castle does look spooky, lol, wonder if its haunted???
    You look lovely in your new dress :) xxx

  4. Looks like y'all had a very nice time!! LOVE the castle, LOVE your accent!

  5. you look lovey. Yes I can imagine that it was spooky. i have a book of haunted places in Irlend. hehe. hope all is well.


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