Monday, July 26, 2010

My hat workshop

Two weeks ago I held a "How to crochet a hat workshop" alot of the women doing the workshop had never crocheted a hat before and were very nervous at the beginning, as was I, I wanted to make sure I was being clear and that I was explaining everything well enough-

Here is Julie, wearing the hat she made with Yarn she got from Venice 

Here is Siobhan's hat, she had such a smart idea of using the flowers from a headband she got in Penny's (that is Primark for you UK readers out there)

Here is Anne's hat isn't the frill edging lovely!?

Last Saturday the three women brought with them their finished projects, didn't they all do a wonderful job?!!


  1. Wow, what lovely hats. I love them all, the ladies had a good teacher in you Neen :) xxx

  2. Fab hats, and all so different! Wish I'd been there! :)

  3. You did a wonderful job teaching them :-)


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