Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cats, hats and Roses

Oh thank goodness the weekend is here at last! After working Monday to Friday I am feeling tired and worn out, in fact I feel very much like Hope, my cat looks!

Hope, had to have her back leg amputated a few months ago, as she had cancer in it and it had crushed the bones, She made a full recovery but after a day of being outside she gets shattered! I love the picture below we call it "Hope the one legged cat" ;)

Today I was at my stitch'n'bitch group, where I got to show the women my "Pixie Love" hat, I started this hat last week at the meeting and the ladies had a great giggle thinking that it looked like a certain body part warmer!!
This hat is my own pattern, it has six different crochet stitches in it!

I love the flower and beading detail

After the stitch group I began walking back - the heavens opened and I got drenched! When I finally got home I was feeling down and out and looked like a drowned rat! But Morgan had set up the sitting room with blankets, pillows and candles and had gotten me these beautiful roses

How lucky am I to have such a thoughtful and romantic husband!

So guys, what are your plans for the weekend? whatever they are I hope you have better weather then me here in Galway!


  1. Bless Hope, such a lovely cat :) Love your pixie hat, very creative neen, and how romantic of Morg to buy you roses, dont we both have fab hubbys :) The time is drawing near for you to come over, yay!!!!! roll on Aug 12th! :) Hope you have dried out and are having a wonderful saturday evening. :) xxxx
    Take care my best friend xxx

  2. Hi Neen,
    Nice to see the nice pictures. Yes, you do have a nice hubby to do all that. I will have to tell mine to give him a hint. He needs a bit of encouragement! Very nice post!
    Au Revoir,


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